A'qto - Base Layer

The A’qto base layer has been road tested over the last couple of months.  From someone who never really understood the ‘importance’ of base layers, to someone who now struggles to leave home with out one… 

Read on to see why we have become a huge fan of the A’qto base layer.

Review - Kirra McDonald


A’qto’s base layers are made from the high quality Italian fabric ‘Dryarn’.  Designed to fit and perform, Dryarn has excellent moisture wicking qualities, and is highly breathable.

 “More breathable than polyester, more insulating than wool and lighter than any other fibre” (dryarn.com).

Its tubular construction and 90% polypropelene/10%  elastane blend mean that it will move with your body, and fit like a glove!

We’ve been wearing this base layer through the Australian summer, early mornings group rides through to 200km epics.  


So, I must admit I did kind of wonder if I would be prepared to pay $80 for a base layer… I mean that is a lot of money in a mesh singlet right? 

For something that you will wear multiple times a week and keep for years we think it’s a great investment. When you are out on your morning bunch ride, or out on your epic adventure- comfort is critical, why wear the best kit then skimp on the layer that sits against your skin?

Also, when you consider the quality and benefits of this garment, including, being ultra light weight, with excellent wicking properties, not shrinking in the wash, hasn’t started to get the little white fluff balls all over it and fits the body like a second skin keeping you super comfortable.

The A’qto base layer sits softly against your skin, there are no irritating seams that rub, and even though it is a ‘one size fits all’ (which I did find a little hard to believe at first, but was proven wrong very quickly), it retains its shape and will stretch beyond imagination- all while retaining shape!

This base layer has been able to prove its worth on a number of rides.  And happily, I can say that it doesn’t hold an odour, it washes well, and has maintained its original shape after quite a few wash and wears.


On those hot days, the base layer has been an absolute winner.  I cannot imagine riding with out it now.   

Before, I never really wore base layers.  I assumed it was another gimmick within the world of cycling aimed at newbies to get them to spend some more hard earned money… However, not the case at all.

It sure does the job, wicking away moisture from the skin, allowing it to evaporate keeping you dry and comfortable.  It does what is says of the pack, effortlessly.

This is a base layer designed for the hottest conditions. As the weather begins to get cooler now we’ve found the base layer still works well, but you’ll need to master the art of layering!

Sizing and options


One size fits all – Mens and Womens cut available



Where to buy

Head to A’qto’s online store – www.aqtocycling.com


  • tubular construction
  • high elasticity
  • 90% Polypropylene and 10% Elastane fabric blend,
  • one size fits all
  • Excellent wicking / breathing properties 
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Does not hold odor
  • Does not shrink
  • No irritating seams 
  • Contours the body without restricting movement 
  • Keeps its shape wash after wash