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Cell Bikes - BRC Carbon Bottle Cages

Mike BoudrieComment
Cell Bikes - BRC Carbon Bottle Cages

Cell Bikes has sent us their range of carbon BRC bottle cages to try out. At between 19 and 22 grams they are seriously light weight and at only $29.95 (on sale now RRP$54.89) including a water bottle they are pretty light weight in the price department.

We've been running all three versions of the BRC bottle cages for the last month, using them for fast group rides, the long and hot 200km Audax Alpine Classic and out on the bike paths and finally for a bit of off road. Here's how they stacked up.

Bottle cages are not the most exciting thing when it comes to bikes, but they are critical for hydration.  A bad cage can result in lost bottles or be close to impossible to get the bottle in and out of when on the move. Carbon cages tend to be light and strong and different designs provide different levels of weight and security for your water bottle.

We looked at BRC's three carbon options, the Tagliente, Compatto and Lettasta that cover a range of uses.

BRC Tagliente Carbon Cage 

This is the 'Heavy' option at 22 grams. Basically it's the one to go for if you are going to mountain biking or riding some rough roads.

The grip on the bottle is best described as solid, almost to the point where some bottles were tough to get in and out of the cage. However, that's what you need t ovoid reaching down and realising you're bottle is back up the trail somewhere.

The Tagliente worked well with both the 610ml and 710mm bottles supplied by Cell.

We found that the slightly smaller bottle was easier to get in and out of the cage. 

  BRC Compatto UD Carbon Bottle Cage

The Compatto is the middle child. It's a nice balance between the super sturdy Tagliente and the ultra minimal Lettasta below.

The Compatto is probably the most all round cage, it provides a firm hold on the bottle without making it tough sliding the bottle in and out.

The cage held both sized Cell bottles nicely and we thought it looked pretty good.  Like the other BRC models we tested the cage is well finished feels strong enough to still be working well after multiple uses.

BRC Lettasta UD Carbon Bottle Cage

Coming in at 19 grams the Lettasta is the feather weight.  

When we first fitted it to the bike we were not sure how it would go holding a full bottle in place... but with over 1,000km of use, super fast descents of Hotham, Falls Creek etc, bumpy country roads and fast bunch rides it has not let us down once.

It's not a cage you'd fit to your mountain bike, but for road bike use this is the one we'd go for.



We were pleasantly surprised with the BRC bottle cages. For the cost conscious they are great value for a carbon cage and bottle combination.  So far durability looks good and the overall finish is nice.  Design wise the are all minimal, with fine carbon so those of you that prefer a chunky look will need to look elsewhere. 


  • Cages fit water bottles from 500ml up to 1000ml.
  • Unidirectional (UD) carbon fibre finish
  • Stainless steel bolts included
  • Weight between 19g and 22g

Cell provided the following water bottles for the test

The CELL Bikes Medalist

710ml Water Bottle offers Hydravalve (Jetstream style) convenience in a clear wide mouth BPA free bottle. 

  • Hydravalve convenience - has a valve that prevents accidental spills. Simply squeeze to get a jet or water!
  • Valve lockout - locks the valve for transport so no chance of leaking in a kit bag - pull up to flow. This can be done with your teeth unlike the twist valve on Camelbak bottles
  • Wide mouth design - easy to fill with Ice on the hot days and importantly makes easy to clean when using nutrition supplements
  • 100% BPA free Polypropelene - water won't "taint" even on hot days
  • Dishwasher Safe - the easy clean method


610ml Insulated water bottle is easy-to-squeeze, lightweight, and keeps drinks cool during exercise.

On cold weather rides, the KRYO is also more resistant to freezing up than regular bottles and can support warm drinks as well.

  • 100% BPA free
  • Non bulky Chilljacket thermal insulation
  • Double wall polypropylene – all you taste is your drink
  • Anti-microbial protection
  • Lockable self-sealing Jet Valve for leakproof transport
  • Dishwasher safe