Thule Sprint 528 Fork Mount Bike Rack

Thule Sprint 528 Fork Mount Bike Rack
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We’ve been using the new Thule Sprint 528 fork mount bike rack for almost 2 months now.

It has lived up to all of our expectations - simplicity, ease of use, bike security, quality and look.  If you’re in the market for a roof mounted option for your pride and joy this one is well worth a closer look.


If you have not heard of Thule you are missing out. The brand designs and manufactures some of the best bike mounting systems we've seen at La Velocita.  Their range of products is vast, with mounting solutions for just about any car or sport you can think of, and extends to quality laptop cases, backpacks and more.

When mounting your bike on a car you’ve got several options including roof (front wheel on or off), rear via tow bar, hitch or rear door. There’s a lot of options to choose from and getting it right is important as you don’t want to lose your bike at 100kph.

Thule’s new Sprint 528 fork mounted bike rack is great all round option. It’s a roof mounted carrier that can be quickly installed or removed from your roof bars and moved onto other cars. Most cars can be fitted with roof mounted bike racks and they don’t interfere with your access to the car, that’s why they are our first choice at La Velocita.  


The Sprint 528 fork mounted bike rack does not disappoint when it comes to quality. Coming in at just under 5kgs it feels solid with no flex in any of the parts.


The Sprint 528 was quick and simple to set up, the carrier itself comes fully assembled in the box, so all you have to do in mount it to your roof bars. There’s no tools required as the Sprint 528 sits on to rubber mounts and is held in place by two solid rubber straps that loop under the bars and are tightened with hand turned mechanism. 

Thule also provided us with the locking barrels to lock to rack to to the bars. The same key can be used for this and for locking the bike to the carrier, eliminating the need to carry a massive bunch of keys with you. If you decide to add more Thule bike racks, you can select the same key patterns as your existing racks.

Loading your bike

This is a 30 second job. Drop the front wheel out of your bike, sit the bike on the rack, with the back wheel in the adjustable rear tray and the front forks into the quick release mounts and tighten the ‘AcuTight’ knob. This mounting mechanism is where most of the change is over the previous version of this rack.

The ‘AcuTight’ mechanism contains a built-in clutch that stops tightening the fork when the perfect amount of tension is applied to the bike’s fork-tips. You simply turn the knob until it clicks. The mechanism is set to 4.5Nm plus or minim 0.5Nm, that is considered well within the 'safe zone' for all types of materials.

Thule Australia have told us that a massive amount of testing has gone into finding a tension setting that won’t damage your forks through over tightening, but also allows for enough of a hold to make sure you bike does not take off mid journey.


On the car there’s very little bike movement.  The other thing we really liked is the lower profile over our normal Thule ProRide racks. We’ve also found that some bike racks have a tendency to ‘whisstle’ at speed.  This can be seriously irritating on long drives, we had no such problem with the Sprint 528, the aerodynamic design helps reduce wind noise to an absolute minimum.


The Sprint rack is available from Thule for $399. 

Where to buy

Check out the full range and your nearest stockist of Thule racks at


Thule quality, ease of use and security for your bike all in a low profile package.  We’re a huge fan of the Thule Sprint 528.  


Thule Australia has given us one of their Sprint 569 bike carries to give away!  Just complete the below form for your chance to win!


  • AcuTight knob clicks when you reach optimal hold to ensure your bike is secured to the rack
  • Tool-free installation with Thule's Speed-Link mounting system
  • SonicHead design provides added bike security and timeless style
  • Telescoping wheel tray moves in and out securely fitting most bikes while providing greater hatch clearance
  • "D" shaped low profile and lightweight aluminum tray is corrosion-resistant to withstand the elements
  • Ratcheting wheels strap quickly and easily secures the rear wheel

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