At La Velocita we love to ride.  We have been approached by Rapid Ascent to participate in their new challenge race called the “Vertical K Mt Donna Buang” on November 29th and Brendan Edwards has previewed this amazing event.

Photography - Rapid Ascent

This is a challenge like no other.  This epic challenge tests who is faster.  Man vs Bike.  Bike vs Man.  Vertical K Mt Donna Buang sets both groups against the clock and against one another in a race from the township of Warburton in the Yarra Valley up to the Mountain summit of ‘Mount Donna Buang!”.  Both groups will start at the same location at the same time and race independent courses to see who can make it to the top first.
Runner’s need to climb 1,098m in just 8km with a staggering 14% average gradient. The trail up the side of Mountain is very steep & 85% of the course is single track. The track is generally 1-2 people wide through some magnificent temperate rainforest, made of hard packed earth (that could be slippery in the wet). Much of the trail doesn’t see much sunlight, and competitors will need to pit themselves against the elements in this hard fought out contest.

Cyclists will charge up the main tourist road to the summit, which is 16.8km long, with an elevation gain of 1,077m, averaging 6.4%.  This is a tough climb, especially as cyclists won't have the luxury of a Coffee stop along the way.  It won't take Mount D long to sort the men from the boys as riders will be spat out the back until all that is left up the front are the Mountain Goats!  The first 8km's up to Cement Creek are a challenge as the gradient gets steeper as you go until it peaks at 12%.  There is a brief respite at Cement Creek until you make the turnoff to the summit.  The next 8km is fairly consistent and easy to get into a rhythm, however if you cook yourself before reaching that turnoff you will be in for a very, very long climb.  Mount D has one last nasty surprise with the last km averaging close to 10%, and it is guaranteed that all competitors will be visiting the pain cave throughout this final section.
Honestly at La Velocita, we may be a bit biased towards our bikes, and surely the trail runners are going to be the underdogs in this battle Royale, but we do love a true contest. 

Who will ultimately win?

Cyclists have the benefit of experience on this climb, and a far better surface to compete on.  Unlike the runners, cyclists have the ability to help one another up the climb and have to be firm favourites.  Everyone loves the underdog though, and whether the victor will possess two feet or two wheels this will be an epic duel on one of Victoria’s most popular climbs.E

Event Details

When: Sunday 29 November 2015
Where: Mt Donna Buang, Warburton, Victoria
What: Open to trail runners and road cyclists, the Vertical K - Mt Donna Buang sets both groups against the clock and against one another in a race from the centre of picturesque Warburton in the Yarra Valley, to the lofty mountain summit of M Donna Buang.

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