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The Weekly Rider - Kim Hurst

Mike BoudrieComment
The Weekly Rider - Kim Hurst

Kim Hurst is our Weekly Rider this week and holy moly is she a high achiever! We talk bikes with this badass lady of cross.

Where do you live: Wellington, New Zealand

What's your dream bike?

Niner BSB RDO with bling custom build. I'm currently waiting on the arrival of the frame from the US of A and this race weapon will be my steed for CX World Cups in Iowa and Waterloo in September.

What is your favourite local ride?

So many to pick from in Wellington. Everything here involves riding up or down something steep. I'd never visited NZ before moving here from the UK back in 2009 but Wellington had me at Google Earth. One of my favourite loops links forestry roads from my back door across the Rimutakas to Featherston where you can grab a refuel at Everest Café before heading along the Rimutaka Cycle Trail to loop back through the old rail tunnel network and back to the Hutt Valley. That ride is best surmised by climbs, coffee, cake and cross bike adventures!

What is your current cycling goal: Top 30 at a CX World Cup in 2017.

When I am on the bike I....: ...am in my happy place!

How did your love of bikes come about?

My brother and I ripped around on bikes as kids. I started cycling when I was 5 and he was 3. We did everything together and everything involved bikes whether it was building jumps in the backyard, building trails in the forest near home or building bikes together. We're both still totally obsessed with the humble bicycle.

Share a cycling memory

My baby bro and I did the worst custom paint job imaginable as kids. We wanted the bikes to go full stealth and opted for a can of spray paint we found in the garage and did it against a wall. The bikes and the wall never looked the same again.

I love to ride because....: ...there is something special about the way it feels. That sense of raw effort, exploration and freedom.

Tell us a bit more about you

I live with my partner in Upper Hutt, Wellington. I was born in the UK and grew up in a small village in Wales. I've been lucky enough to ride and race bikes from the boom of MTB racing in the nineties right through to now. The change in bike tech has been insane but the cycling community remains very much the same and something I feel very connected to. I part-own a practice in Upper Hutt and work full time as a General Practitioner. In my not so spare time, I'm the Secretary for MTB New Zealand and see that as a very important part of giving back something to the racing community as well as progressing a sport I love. I've raced most dirt disciplines from XC and DH as a junior to XCO, Marathon, CX and World 24 Hour over the last 5 years. Brief palmares - Karapoti course record holder, World 24 Hour Solo Champion 2014, World 200 Mile Road Champion 2013, NZ CX National Champion 2012 and 2014, Silver medallist NZ Nat Champs 2016.

Who are you sponsored by?

Niner Bikes NZ, Wheelworks Handcrafted Wheels, Vanderkitten