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A lot of work goes into making La Velocita happen. As we grow the site costs more to run... luckily for us we have some amazing supporters that help make it happen.

We consider these brands our partners. We've approached them because we think they produce some of the best and most innovative products out there. Each of them supports La Velocita both financially and by providing products to review that we would otherwise have to purchase.

At this point in La Velocita's growth we work the money back into building the site, purchasing products for review and paying for boring stuff like insurance.

A huge shout out to our supporters!



Spin Cycle Clothing one of Australia's most exciting cycling clothing brands. We think that they are at the front of fabric and chamois development. They are focused on producing top line products for the unique conditions that Australian conditions throw at us. The guys produce kit for men and women, their own styles as well as multiple custom options that are delivered in a streamlined, simple way and in short timeframes. Find out more at spincycleclothing.cc


When I first visited Adelaide's Cycle Closet I felt like I had walked into the real life version of the Internet. So much kit. All great brands in an amazing environment. Awesome staff that ride bikes and the drive to get you into the best kit possible. Check them out at cyclecloset.com



We love these guys. Bike racks. Take a product that has basically been the same for many years, throw that idea out the window and come up with something completely new. Upside's racks will be coming onto the market very soon and we can't wait to get our hands on them. Check them out at upsideracks.com


Essendon Cyclery is where we go for all our bike servicin, wheels and advice. Awesome customer focused help and nice guys. Check them out.