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Epic Adventures - Caesar - London to Rome - Two Stages total 2,929km

Caesar Bike Tour Overview

Join a ride of historical proportions, as we ride in the footsteps of Caesar, from London to Rome.

Split into 2 stages the Caesar tour traverses four countries as we meander our way on a historical, gastronomic and cultural journey across the ages.  Crossing waterways, rolling over vine clad hills and taking on mountain passes in the Alps and the Dolomites we head towards the Rubicon and beyond. Our final destination is the Eternal city of Rome.

Starting in London we first head to the white cliffs of Dover before traversing the channel (by boat, not bike – it isn’t that epic!) into France. Our route through France takes us via the roads made famous  by the Classics, down through the Champagne region and into the gastronomic heartland of Burgundy. From here we ride alongside Lake Geneva in Switzerland and then over into Italy.

Our route through Italy takes us first towards the picturesque northern lakes of Como and Maggiore before heading up towards the stunning limestone peaks of the Dolomites. From here we experience a bit of respite as we descend down to Venice and along the Adriatic coast. After crossing the mythical Rubicon, which marked the boundary between Roman controlled Italy and Cisalpine Gaul, we once again head inland through the more rugged regions of Abruzzo and Molise, before heading due east to our final destination – Rome.

The Trip

Ride Britain, Belgium, France, Switzerland, San Marino and Italy in this Epic adventure ranging the length of Europe!

Trip Difficulty - Advanced - 100+ km / 60+ miles per day
Choose from two 2 week stages or take on the entire epic journey!

Prices start from 4,990 Euros

Stage 1 - London to Como - 21 May  to 4 June 2016

  • Length: 15 Days / 14 Nights 
  • Distance: 1512 km (945 miles)

Stage 2 - Como to Rome - 4 June to 18 June 2016

  • Length: 15 Days / 14 Nights 
  • Distance: 1417 km (886 miles)

Hail Caesar! London to Rome - 21 May to 18 June 2016

  • Length: 29 Days / 28 Nights 
  • Distance: 2929 km / 1831 miles