Should I wear a base layer during summer?

Next to Skin make some great base layers

Summer is about to hit Australia.  Long days in the saddle in 30+ degrees.  Hot northerly winds and long days.  We love summer.  But when you are getting ready for the ride should you reach for a base layer?  As we explain winter is not the only time you should be wearing one...

A'qto base layer

Short answer, yes. At La Velocita we are big fans of base layers.  The main reason?  Comfort.  Wearing a quality base layer will wick sweat away from your body and out to the jersey where it will evaporate. This will keep your skin drier. You'll avoid that damp clammy feeling and also reduce the possibility of any nasty chaffing. Most people find it actually keeps them cooler due to the evaporation of the moisture as the wind rushes past.

If you are out for a long ride this is a real benefit. You'll feel better and enjoy the riding experience even more.

Base layers last for ages with proper care, so you get good bang for your buck. For summer we'd suggest a thin base layer, with sleeves or sleeveless is a personal preference, we run both.

You can pick up a quality base layer for around $50 to $100. There are some great technical fabrics, natural fibres like marino and marino and blends available now with awesome moisture wicking ability.  Check out A'qto4 Shaw and Next to Skin (imported by Melbourne based Dash Velo)

4 Shaw's latest base layer offering

4 Shaw's latest base layer offering