2015 Dirty Dozen - Warburton
Image - Andy van Bergen - La Velocita's Brendan Edwards going for it up Martyr's!

Image - Andy van Bergen - La Velocita's Brendan Edwards going for it up Martyr's!

We're excited to be attending the Warburton 2015 Dirty Dozen this Sunday! 

Around 250 riders are expected to test themselves against some of the hardest climbs Warburton has to offer thanks to the Climbing Cyclist. 

It will be hard. Wondering what it will take to survive? Here’s a few words to help you through.

What’s in store this year?

This could very well be one of the hardest Dirty Dozen courses.  This is the first year that dirt roads have been introduced and not one, but four are being thrown in to test the riders. 

There are some very steep climbs, but we think the most challenging part will be that the climbs are concentrated. They are all within a 10km radius giving you little time for you to recover between climbs. 

So how will you survive?

  • Travel light.
  • Pace yourself right from the start – don’t go too hard too soon.
  • The ride is less than 70km but will take around 4 hours so make sure you’ve got some food options.
  • Drink.
  • If you’re not riding compact it could be time to invest, alternatively make sure you’ve got lots of teeth on your cassette.
  • With the gravel sections this year, it’s worth getting some tyres that are going to hold up. 25’s with good puncture resistance.
  • Ride your own pace.
  • Sounds obvious, but try not to stop till you get to the top.  At times your body will be screaming ‘no more’. We can assure you it hurts more if you have to get off and walk.
  • Smile. Grimace. Enjoy.
27 of the best.

27 of the best.

Climb overview to get you in the mood

Madeline Street/Croom Street - 400m at 17% - unsealed

Brett Road - 700m at 13%

Brisbane Hill Road - 500m at 14% 

Giffords Road/Pheasant Parade - 600m at 8.8%

Ferntree Avenue/Brides Avenue - 1.3km at 9.7% - unsealed

Leila Road/Story Road - 800m at 14% - unsealed

Milners Gap south - east side - 1.5km at 7%

Milners Gap south-west side -  1.6km at 7%

Bacchus Crescent/Damon Court/Pythias Court - 300m at 17%

Dee Road -  1.6km at 9.3%

McKenzie King Drive - 900m at 9.1%

Surrey Road/Kent Street/Sussex Street - 1.5km at 8.3% - unsealed

Martyr Road - 300m at 20%

We’re aware that there is limited parking around the township of Warburton.  We’d recommend you park your car at any of the towns along the Warburton Highway and ride into Warburton.

For a scenic trip and some bonus k’s take the Lilydale Warburton Trail