Hunt 1000 Bikepacking Setup

Nick Skarajew is back to run us through his bikepacking setup for the mega Hunt 1000

Not sure what the Hunt 1000 is? Read Nick's Hunt 1000 overview.

Last year setups were varied, from plus sized mountain bikes to randonneur style bikes. 2.25” are recommended by Dan. Strength is paramount. Opt for a higher spoke count in your wheels. If you break a spoke and it jams in your rear mech you’ve got a long walk ahead. Ditch those carbon bars/stems/post, and go strong as you can. I tested my gear on an overnighter last week, and destroyed a bottom bracket, realised my single speed setup was limiting, and consequently switched to a dingle (double singlespeed).

My setup is unique being a dingle speed, but with conservative gearing and light weight hopefully I’ll be able to keep the hike’a’bike sections to a minimum.

If you really want to nerd out, I’ll list the exact specifications below

Niner Hunt 1000 setup-8.jpg


My bargain parts bike is my Niner, bought on a facebook sales page. More suited to singletrack than bikepacking, doesn’t have hooks or eyelets for racks. Next bike I’ll build will try a rack/drybag combination. Sweep bars with the added bar ends are ideal, as multiple hand positions are comfy as they go numb. 2.4’s are nearly a downhill tyre, but when running rigid, they provide plenty of squish at lower pressures. Naxxis Ardent tyres are fairly aggressive pattern, but the extra height of the blocks is the tradeoff for the slower speeds.

  • Niner Scandium one9 Large
  • Niner Carbon Fork 9mm QR
  • Hollowtech 175mm cranks
  • Dingle gearing 30/34T Front, 22/18 Rear
  • KMC Chain
  • Simworks Nitto sweep bars
  • Foam GripsJetblack Bar ends Slid Up
  • Ritchey WC stem
  • Velocity Blunt 29” 32H rims, PD7 Clutched Dynamo/Deore Hubs
  • Maxxis Ardent 2.4 Mounted Tubeless
  • Clarks M3 Brakes
  • WTB Saddle


Niner Hunt 1000 setup-6.jpg

Dynamo setups are perfect and makes a dash for the next town in the dark easier. Most of the IPWR days were ridden in the dark. Keep a spare independent light, as failures can happen. I use the trusted and tested Etrex, but many people are switching out to waterproof android phones, which have a longer battery life. The advantages for the dynamo is to have a usb output to charge your phone, but a cache battery is needed as most phones won’t charge if the voltage and speed isn’t constant. The Specialized Burra Burra bags were used in particular, as they have a special stabilizer bar on the back. This stops the swaying that riding mountain bike trails will have. The Burra Burra front roll has a very sturdy alloy mounts. 

  • Klite Light/charger/cache battery
  • FYXO Rear lights x2
  • Garmin Etrex20
  • Specalized Burra Burra bags
  • Unbranded Stabilized Seatpack and Front Roll
  • Alpkit tank bagFront Dry Bag
  • Anything Straps for cooker
  • 3x 1L Bottles/cages
We'd never heard of "Dingle" drivetrains either but here it is

We'd never heard of "Dingle" drivetrains either but here it is


I tend to shy away from the traditional knicks and jersey when touring. The shorts have plenty of pockets, and always go phone on the left, keycards/money on the right, and jacket in the back for easy and quick access. To quote Jesse Carlsson “ Coz touring not aerobic”. It’s pointless stashing your jacket deep in the saddle bag when you need to get it out in a rush. The photochromic glasses are highly recommended, as I often get bugs and branches in the eyes. A few famous DNF’s over the years in ultra-distance had come from the sun glare in the morning, and an accident following. I’m trialling the Fiveten shoes this time around, but so far feel nice and stiff, with plenty of grip on the bottom. The Creux Tshirts are fantastic, and don’t smell (which you will)

  • Modified Creux PANACHE SHORT / CIGAR
  • 2XU triathlon linerBuff
  • Creux Tech Tshirt
  • Creux Socks
  • Macpac hooded Down Jacket
  • Rapha Core Jacket
  • Kask Protone Helmet
  • Macpac Winter Gloves
  • Oakley Photochromic EV Zero Glasses
  • Fiveten Falcon Shoes
Niner Hunt 1000 setup-7.jpg


  • No Sleeping bag used, the Macpac down jacket doubles as a sleeping bag.
  • SOL emergency BivvyMacpac Mat
  • Sea to Summit Pillow

Other stuff

Compression Bandage (watch out for those snakes, Know how to wrap and splint a snake bite)

  • Smartphone + Cable
  • Optimus Crux Lite Stove (still 50/50 if I’ll take it)
  • BIC lighter
  • Credit card/Cash
  • Twine + Needle
  • Minipump Wrapped in electrical tape
  • Epipen
  • Spare Tubes (despite tubeless setup)
  • Multitool/ Chain breaker
  • Vial of Tea Tree Oil (wipe down chamois with warm water, then soak with tea tree oil before sleeping. Prevents saddle sores. Does smell horrendous though.)
  • Singles Packets Chamois Crème
  • Sunscreen
  • Fly Ointment
  • Water Treatment droplets