Black Sheep Cycling are back with their latest LIMITED SEASON NINE kit. It drops to members of the Movement tonight, 14 December 2016 from 7pm AEST. I had a sneak peak and loved what I saw and felt like it was one to share with you all.  

With "Full Colour" leading the inspiration, this one is going to be good.


It's no secret that I love what Black Sheep do. I have a lot of their kit in my 'collection'. We also collaborated with the guys to produce La Velocita X Black Sheep Melbourne Map kit that sold out in just hours. Amazing.  

I have no doubt that LIMITED Season Nine will be no different. I spoke to Co-Founder and Creative Director, John Polson about Season Nine... his words to describe LIMITED Season Nine, bright colours, futuristic, intoxicating patterns. A clash of cultures and colour, psychedelia versus pop art. Techno futurism too.

I'm keen, this has to be one of the best to date, I'm really keen on Sweedish Swifter, aqua and salmon 'crazy circles' on a navy blue base. Tick. 

Be quick, if it's like any other seasons this one will last just hours.