Curve Belgie Air

Curve Belgie Air

Why choose between carbon and titanium when you can have both?

Let’s drop editorial impartiality; this is a collaboration we’re stoked to see. La Velocita shares its Melbourne home town with both Curve and Bastion. We know the companies, and the people behind them, very well. They’re a great bunch of people forging their niches in a competitive global industry. We credit Curve with creating the accessible titanium market in Australia. They took an exotic, custom-builder dominated material and brought it to a price point competitive with carbon. We credit Bastion with making some of the most incredible frames money can buy, and shoving the bike manufacturing process forward several years.

So, we’re pretty dang excited about these companies working together.


The Belgie moniker is synonymous with Curve. It was their original gangster road frame, then adapted to ultra-endurance cycling with the Belgie Spirit. The Belgie Air then has been made to:

  • celebrate the fifth anniversary of Curve

  • be the “ultimate realisation of a Belgie” according to Curve themselves

  • give Curve co-founder Steve Varga a badass 40th birthday present to himself.

So, what is the apex Belgie bringing to the table?


A limited run of only 23 available to the public. The 23 frame count, and the word Air were MOST DEFINITELY chosen at random and not a reference to any retired basketballers. On an unrelated note, Steve Varga also loves Nike shoes. What a weird thing to bring up for no reason.

Each frame is going to be made custom to order. Customers can choose to either send the geometry they want, or get a fresh bike fit to dial it all perfectly. 70-100 days after ordering, a brand spankin’ new Belgie Air will arrive to the customer where they can ride it, or perhaps spend an afternoon watching Space Jam, which features that guy who’s unrelated to their new frame; Bill Murray.


Let’s talk brass tacks now. You can buy a lot of brass tacks for the same price as this frameset which is $6,999. We think that’s damn good value and a better investment than two years of minor league baseball. Again, a strange reference to nobody.

There’s plenty of build options for customers to bling out their new whips and Curve will work with lucky buyers who’re feeling Bullish about getting their build just right. Curve really are Wizards when it comes speccing out frames.


Here’s some tasty morsels from Curve’s release about the specifics of the Belgie Air:

  • Seat tube: Filament Wound High Modulus Carbon Fibre. Manufactured in Australia for cycling specific applications according to Bastion engineering. Bastion signature weave is unique both in its appearance and its properties

  • Topper: The 3d printed titanium topper is Ti6Al4V Grade 5 Titanium manufactured using Laser Bed Powder Fusion. This is a form of additive manufacturing, otherwise known as 3d printing.

  • Bonding: Aerospace Grade - 2 Part Epoxy developed for bonding metals to carbon fibre composites. Developed for high-temp. environments and chemical resistance.

  • Where is the Belgie AIR made? The main titanium structure is a custom made to order and manufactured by Curve in the P.R.C, with Bastion completing the final assembly, bonding and QC in Melbourne, Australia.



If you want one, and we don’t blame you for that, then you better zip over to Curve’s website and secure yourself one. Then please let us come and stare at it. We promise not to try and steal it*.

*we’re definitely going to steal it