Knog Party Combo

Quick look

Today we are having a look at the Knog Party Combo bike lock.

It's a 620mm long combination lock that is covered in silicone making it smooth to the touch and gentle on your bike.  Don't be fooled though.  Under the soft cover is a tough graded steel cable with a fibre core designed to keep your bike safe while you are away.

It weighs in at 250g so won't weigh down your bag too much and the combination lock means that there is no key to lose.  In typical Knog style the Party Combo is available in 8 colours and even though it's just a lock it somehow looks good. RRP of the Party Combo is $34.95. Head to Knog to check it out.


Body: Patented seamless overmould using industrial grade UV stable silicone. Will not mark or scratch your ride.
Lock housing: 8mm Stainless steel locking shackle. *No leverage points to ensure extra security against unwanted attacks.
Lock barrel: Rotating dial lock barrel, with unique combinations.
Cable diameter: Outer Cable Diameter 12mm, Steel Cable Diameter 5mm.
Cutting resistance: The technology used on the fibre-core cables offers superior resilience and flexibility compared with locks using standard braided steel cable cores.

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