Morsa Designs Modular Mounting System

Want a clean and lightweight solution for mounting computers, lights, camera's to your bars? Morsa has come up with a flexible solution that ticks the boxes.

Words - Mike Boudrie    Images - Jarrod McShane

The guys at Full Beam Australia have sent us this nicely put together mounting system. Basically you just need to attach the Morsa mounting arm to your handlebars then add the various mount adaptors to that. Easy.

Morsa explain that the mounting arm can take up to two adaptors but we managed to run it with three, even though it looked a bit crowded. With two adaptors on the arm it's a pretty neat looking solution. We especially liked the computer and camera combination.

We really liked the ability to quickly switch between different mounts and most importantly only have one mount on our handlebars.

The Morsa mounts are made in the USA and are well put together are light weight and feel like they will last well.

Mounting Options

There's a range of mount adaptors to choose from, including:

  • Computer - fits Garmin and Magellan (we hear there's a Polar mount coming)
  • Universal 31.8mm - can be used for most lights.
  • Camera - We tested with a GoPro, Shimano and Garmin cameras
  • Phone case - We did not have this adaptor on test, but it takes iPhone and Galaxy mountable cases.


  • Mounting arm with two mount adaptors - RRP $59.00
  • Mounting arm with one adaptor - $44.00
  • Additional adaptors - $15.00

Where to Buy

Check out the range of Morsa mounts at Full Beam Australia