FInde Every Ride Sunscreen and Aloe Jelly After Sun Gel

FInde Every Ride Sunscreen and Aloe Jelly After Sun Gel

Sunscreen is a critical item that should not be overlooked. Most that I have tried have not been great... too sticky, too oily, too eye burningly toxic. But there's good news, Finde. Melbourne based and made for us riders.


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So, onto the topic of Finde. Tony has produced some sun screen and aftersun products that are aimed directly at cyclists. It’s made in Melbourne, and takes into consideration the things we’re looking for. I’ve been using Finde for the last month and have been pretty impressed. 

Tony tells me that the Every Ride Sunscreen has been developed to be applied to dry, wet or sweaty skin as well as being light, non-greasy and easily absorbed. It’s available in SPF30 or SPF50 and can be purchased in a 500g pump bottle for A$30 or 35 gram ride tubes for $35 for 5. 

I’ve had a love hate relationship with sunscreen. I’ve tried a million different brands, from the waterproof glue like offerings that take a year to rub into your skin and leave you looking like you’ve coated yourself in white face paint, through to clear gel sunscreen that glides on nicely but the second you start to perspire it turns you into a slippery mess… and is impossible to get off your hands. 


My other massive bugbear is sunscreen that blinds you when in inevitably makes it’s way into your eyes. Sweat in they eyes can be bad enough, but having to stop to remove it because you can’t open your eyes anymore is not ideal.

So, where does Finde sit in this range? I’d say bang in the middle. It’s easy to apply and I found a little went along way. It dries really quickly to a matte finish with a slightly tacky feel and does not leave you looking like a white stone statue. 

On the bike the small ‘ride sunscreen tubes’ are super handy to grab and re-apply to your face arms and legs… you’ll be surprised how far you can make the 35 grams go. I found that once I was working hard, temperatures went up and I became covered in sweat the the sun cream did re-emerge a bit but still protected well and was not super slippery or unpleasant. 

In the name of science I applied about 5 times more sun cream to my face than I normally would and set off on a 2.5 hour loop with some long tough climbs. Just the sort where you’re moving slow and soon have a liquid pouring out of you. There was some very slight irritation from the sunscreen but it quickly sorted itself out with a few blinks. 

Would I recommend Finde. Absolutely, in fact it become my go sunscreen when I'm heading out anywhere to keep the nasty sun off my face. Head over to to check it out. 



If you suffer the embarrassment of too much sun, your skin is going to hate you. Even on cold dry days my face can take an absolute battering. Finde serves us with its Aloe Gel. The cooling feeling is awesome after a big day and is quickly soaked up by your skin leaving it to repair and not feel like an old paper bag the next day. 

Finde's Aloe Jelly will set you back $20, an absolute winner if you ask me.... I remember heading into a high street cosmetics store with my wife to grab some sunscreen and aloe.... I'm pretty sure I could have come close to a deposit on a house for the prices we paid.... so $20 for a 500g pump bottle = massive tick.

There's not much more to say or see here. This is a good product, made in Melbourne by good people. It will save your skin, and possibly your life one day.

The guys at Finde are providing La Velocita readers with a discount for a limited time... head over to their store at and enter the code 'lavelocita' to get your discount.


Disclaimer - We were not paid for this. We don't get a cut of the sales. We're fully independent and free to say what we think about things. The guys at Finde sent us their products for free... but as soon as they get low I'll be buying some more.