MAV Compagno Long Sleeve Jersey

MAV Compagno Long Sleeve Jersey

Long sleeve jerseys are massively underrated in the road cycling world. Forget faffing about with arm warmers and ending up with a cold torso.... get yourself a long sleeve midweight jersey and you'll use it for many months of the year. Here's a good one from MAV.


MAV Cycling has hit the Aussie cycling apparel scene, delivering classic design and colour combinations combined with proper made in Italy quality at a very reasonable price point. I've been rolling around in their Compagno long sleeve jersey and Navy Bib Shorts for a couple of months now and have been pretty impressed with the overall get up.


Long sleeve jerseys are massively versatile. They fill the massive gap between freezing and warm, and you'll get some serious mileage out of them. The Compagno is medium in weight and constructed from fleece-backed fabric giving it a nice wide operating temperature. I've paired it up with varying base layers for cooler starts where I know the temperature will rise to 10 or 15 degrees C or more and I don't want to be stuck boiling in a full-on winter jacket. It has also been great on cool mornings when I'm pushing to the max, and I want to be at that balance between overheating and getting too cold. At the extreme cold end, I've combined it with a long sleeve base and outer winter shell to give an extra layer to stay comfortable at around freezing point. 

Construction is right up there with some of the more expensive long sleeves I have tested, with lots of nice details, including reflectivity, 3 back pockets plus a fourth zippered pocket, quality zipper and nice high neckline. The winning feature for me was the fitted raw cut arm ends, super wide they stop and cold air sneaking up your arms. Very nice.

I was not immediately sold on the white coloured section for a cold weather jersey but I've had no issue bringing it back to white even after picking up some pretty nasty and dirty spray from the road. I think it also brings good visibility which is hard to argue with on the country roads where I do most of my riding. 

On the fit side, I'd describe the Compagno as being just bigger than slim fit, it's not racing tight but leaves just a bit of room. If you're one that likes plenty of room size up. Overall I was happy with the fit per size charts (Size M - 188cm tall, 80kg, 97cm chest and long arms).


Overall a massively versatile long sleeve jersey, and priced at $195 I think it's brilliant value. Navy red and white looks classy and matched up with MAV's Navy Bib shorts ($175) you've got a great looking kit that performs very strongly and will look after you in multiple temperatures. 

Head over to MAV to check out their range -

Nice work MAV. 

This is not a paid review... MAV did provide us with a kit for review at no cost.