‘Team Brevet’ - 24 Hour Audax Australia Flèche Opperman

Left to right - Alistair Tubb, Glen O’Rourke, Scott Thomas, Glenn Landers and Drew Ginn.

It’s a big weekend ahead for the team at La Velocita!

We are heading off with the five riders of ‘Team Brevet’ with a shared love of cycling, to witness them taking on this year’s 24 Hour Audax Australia Flèche Opperman event.

With a target of over 780km there’s no doubt the team has an adventure full of emotion ahead!

Report - Mike Boudrie

Photography - Andrew Clifforth 


The Flèche Opperman or ‘Oppy’ is a 24 hour team time trial.  Yes 24 hours.  Teams of three to five riders must together cover at least 360km.  The route is up to you, but you can’t ride the same section of road twice and must finish in a designated location in each state.  This makes for an epic adventure.

Team Brevet 2

Team Brevet

Team Brevet has bought together a group from different backgrounds with a shared passion. Cycling. 

The team includes, Glen O’Rourke, Drew Ginn, Glenn Landers, Alistair Tubb and Scott Thomas, all juggling work and everyday life, the guys have come together to take on this awesome challenge.  We can’t wait to share the experience with them!

Team Brevet are being supported by Rapha Australia, who have generously provided all the gear to help the guys through this gruelling event.

The Route


Our team are planning to start in Beachport, South Australia and ride a mammoth 784km to Rochester in Northern Victoria, the birthplace of Sir Hubert Opperman, after whom the event is named. 

The only question is will they manage to beat the current record of 770km set in 1993? It’s going to be full of highs and lows, and there is no doubt that plenty of spirit and super strong teamwork will be required to get through!


Watch for updates on the Rapha Australia Twitter and Instagram feeds starting through to Sunday morning!

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