The Weekly Rider - Juan Briceno

Meet Juan Briceno - our Weekly Rider. He's the founder of Biketivist, and brand manager for San Remo pasta. Kit and carbs sound pretty great to us! He's also married with 2 youngsters - cyclists in the making no doubt.

Dream Bike?

It’s a never-ending dream.... I just keep changing my mind every time I open my Instagram. Right now I’m stoked with my new intense fluro 2017 Specialized Tarmac Expert Disc. It is light, fast, versatile, reliable and it looks f*cking awesome!

What is your favourite local ride?

My favourite local ride is the Gumeracha loop (80-100km) around Adelaide Hills with some nice climbs including (Anstey Hill, Gorge Rd and the short and sharp Checkers Hill). If there’s no time, Corkscrew Road is less than 10km from home and is a quick loop that never disappoints.


What is your current cycling goal? 

I have always mixed my cycling with running. This year, I decided to challenge myself on something that I really suck at…swimming. So, I’m training hard and aiming to do my first 70.3 in 2018.

When I am on the bike I....: Disconnect and suffer as much as I can…

How did your love of bikes come about? 

I’ve always loved bikes since I was a little kid but always had mountain bikes. Around 6 years ago some mates were doing the Bupa Challenge ride (+150km) during TDU and they dare me to do it on my mountain bike…of course I accepted the challenge and finished the race not too far from them…I spent the whole next day laying on my bed sore AF and browsing the internet for my first roadie. The rest is history…


Share a cycling memory

Favourite cycling memory goes back to my early teens (in South America), just exploring trails with my mates. No GPS/Strava/Google Maps back then meant that we were really exploring and the sense of freedom was truly there… These rides were always followed by the usual stop to have the best Oreo Milkshakes in town in a place called “American Deli”. I guess the ritual of stopping at a café is something that comes with the sport, no matter the age or which part of the world you are riding in…

I love to ride because.... I have a sweet tooth and if it wasn’t for cycling I would probably be at least 30kg heavier with all sort of health issues!

Supporters: I’m supported by the lads at Bike Society. They have been really helpful and also were the first retailer to support Biketivist when I first started in 2016.

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