The weekly rider - Mick Peel

Mick Peel, founder of Busyman Bicycles, creates bespoke leather saddles and bar tape that are second to none.  But when Mick is not in his studio creating yet another very special saddle, he's out on one of the bikes from "the bike room".... A fixie, a road bike, a strange mountain/road/town bike or planning the dream bike build.  

Name - Mick Peel - Busyman Bicycles

Lives - Carlton, Victoria.

Dream bike - following in the tradition of bespoke and hand made, Mick tells me that he would love to get his hands on a custom bike by Kumo Cycles.  Built by Keith Marshall, these steel bikes are works of art.  Mick has the colour scheme and build all worked out, except for the saddle and bar tape, that's going to take some planning!

Favourite local ride - the Mount Pleasant loop is the current favourite.  Mick takes his rejuvenated, repainted and rebuilt Scott Addict out that way whenever possible.

It’s the freedom, it feels good, it gives me time to think. It’s still and quiet.
— Mick Peel

My current cycling goal is... to ride from home to Phillip Island, it's a big 140km ride, further than anything Mick has attempted before.

When I am on the bike - Mick is thinking about his next saddle and loves the ritual of getting home for a big feast!

How did your love for bikes come about - Continuing with family tradition, Mick got his first bike when he was 10.  A Malvern Star Dragster was his weapon of choice.  He soon wished he had chosen a BMX, so set about modifying the Dragster.  It's been a constant adventure from there, through modified bikes found in hard waste (that now look amazing), to fixes, carbon, steel and town bikes.  Each of Mick's eclectic collection of bikes is immaculately presented.

Share a cycling memory - Mick tells me about an experience he had while holidaying in Turkey. He somehow ended up on a night ride out in the country with some locals, the people and places were unforgettable... but he tells me it was pitch black and his old old bike had a light about as effective as a candle!  

I love to ride because... Mick thinks for a couple of seconds then sums up... "It's the freedom, it feels good, it gives me time to think.  It's still and quiet.  A passion, a perfect place and the exercise is great".  We could not have said it any better.  

If you don't know Busyman Bicycles you are missing out.  Make sure you visit our profile article where we talk to Mick one-on-one about Busyman Bicycles and you can also visit his website.