The Weekly Rider - Tracy Walker

Tracy Walker is the Weekly Rider! Tracy is the Chief Adventure Planner at Tribal Cycling  - She's planning a summer of fun cycling events for women including Cycling Retreats in the Mornington Peninsula and Bright, their first Women Mtb Adventure Weekend which will be held in Buller. 

We talk to Tracy about why she loves to ride.

Paul Johnstone

Paul Johnstone

Tracy Walker - Melbourne, Victoria

Dream Bike

Well, I have two. My dream road bike is the new Liv Envie Advanced Pro 0. I have been riding the Envie bikes for a couple of years and they are amazing bikes to ride, awesome to climb on, and descent like nothing else! And this year it comes with SRAM Red eTap. Can’t wait!

For mountain biking I am lucky enough to ride my dream bike, the Liv Lust Advanced Pro 0. This bike has everything you could want in a mountain bike. Carbon frame and 27.5 wheels, SRAM XX1 11 speed, RockShox RS-1, rear and front lockout, dropper post and comes in under 10kgs. This bike descends like a demon but can climb like nothing else! Heaven on two wheels!

What is your favourite local ride 

Hard to choose, but at the moment one of my favourite cycling routes is a 100km loop through the Mornington Peninsula. In 100kms you can squeeze in so many amazing views and terrain. Short punchy climbs, long climbs, fun windy descents, often a windy flat section and gravel! You get to ride from bay side, through wine country, past cows chilling out, beautiful ocean views and you can throw in Arthur's Seat at the beginning and end if you like. You also pass by many good coffee stops.

If I’m on my mountain bike, Buller would have to be my favourite. I love doing the road climb on my mountain bike to the village, and then taking on The Epic trail. I love the XC trails up here. Technical features, lots of challenging climbs followed by fun, fast descents.

Paul Johnstone

Paul Johnstone

What is your current cycling goal

To adventure more! Currently planning a road ride from Albury to Melbourne via some of the 7 Peaks. Pre book accommodation, just have a small bag and ride. I love the idea of pulling up a map and choosing your own route, with little idea about what is ahead of you. 

As for my mountain biking, I am looking forward to pushing my technical skills and taking on some new races. Maybe some of the National XC rounds. It's a fun way challenge yourself, explore new trails and meet new people! And the mountain bike community is so easygoing, that it doesn’t matter what result you get, there's always time for some fun.

When I am on the bike I....

I am either racing, or taking it super easy. I am definitely an all or nothing person. So my cruisey rides are just about hanging out with friends, being in the moment, taking in the views and finding good food along the way. But when I am competitive, I love to ride till my legs want to explode and my lungs burn. And I am always up for racing anyone downhill!

Caz Whitehead

Caz Whitehead

How did your love of bikes come about?

Friends of mine asked me to take part in a 24hr team as their token chick. All I had to do was one lap. I thought why not.? Well, it poured for the entire 24 hours, my bike hardly worked, the brakes squealed, gears hating changing, and I was totally smashed. I did multiple laps in the dark, rain and mud. But I had a blast and loved every second! Bought a mountain bike a month later and haven’t looked back since!

Share a cycling memory

The most epic ride I have ever done, was cycling the Tour d'Afrique 3 years ago. It's a 12,000km ride from Cairo to Cape Town over 4 months, covering 10 different countries. This had been on my bucket list before I even started cycling and turned out to be one of the most amazing, yet challenging experiences of my life! Some of my favourite moments include cycling through a desert sandstorm, extreme heat of 51 degrees in Sudan, thunderstorms and the muddiest roads I have ever experienced in East Africa, elephants in Botswana, epic days of climbing in Ethiopia with breathtaking views, and meeting so many amazing people along the way.

This ride challenged and pushed me far beyond what I thought I was capable of. But the moments that come after you push yourself outside your comfort zone are the magic moments you remember for life. This ride taught me to not let fear stop you from trying anything. I guarantee you are capable of more than you think you are.

I love to ride because....

Love the places your bike can take you, the challenges and beauty along the journey, and for all the amazing people you meet, some for only a 5 min chat and others become life long friends.

Caz Whitehead

Caz Whitehead

Tracy is the Chief Adventure Planner at Tribal Cycling - She's planning a summer of fun cycling events for women including Cycling Retreats in the Mornington Peninsula and Bright, our first Women Mtb Adventure Weekend which will be held in Buller. And lots of other skills clinics and social rides to support and empower!

Check out Tribal Cycling on facebook and instagram - or @tribalcycling

Tracy is supported by Giant South Yarra.