Don't take yourself so seriously... Spreading the Christmas cheer

As usual Christmas has managed to sneak up on me again this year. This morning, on our regular bunch ride it was time to spread the Christmas Cheer and get in the mood for bringing some joy.

La Velocita's Sarah Grove reflects on a brilliant morning!

When I found out my regular bunch ride has an annual Xmas themed ride, I was excited, until I learnt that full dress up was mandatory. A simple Santa hat and tinsel on the bike was just not going to cut it.

Words - Sarah Grove    Images - Mike Boudrie

I loath dress ups. I'm all for having fun, of having a laugh and having a good time, but the thought of having to 'dress up' for an occasion makes me cringe. I haven't had to attend a dress up party for about 4 years. Even though I enjoyed myself, I was always conscious of what others were thinking of my outfit. Did I do enough? Did I do too much?

'Where's the Xmas spirit? Someone asked me as I shared my concerns. And it made me realise that my own vanity and worrying what other people were going to think of my outfit was stopping me from enjoying the moment and what it's all about. Of being able to laugh at yourself. Of letting go of the ego, of enjoying time with others - no matter what you look like.

So as I rolled down to our meeting spot I laughed uncontrollably, I beamed from the inside out. I didn't care that I looked ridiculous as an elf on a bike, I didn't care that we stopped three times to check the group was still together, that we rolled more than we peddled. I didn't care that my socks didn't match my outfit. Because I had the most enjoyable ride I have had in ages!!

We had a reindeer, elves, we had santas of all shapes and sizes. We had a token Christmas present, there was flashing lights and Santa hats. But most of all there was Christmas cheer.

I loved seeing a glimpse of a smile from drivers as they spotted us on their early morning commute to work. There were toots from trucks, whistles and waves out windows, cheers from the sidewalk. Kids tugging at their mums skirt pointing at us. 'Nice outfits' and 'go santa' yelled out others smiling. And we smiled and waved back. We saw happiness on an otherwise normal Friday morning.

So this Christmas take a moment to let go of your ego, enjoy the ride and the time for what it is. Because when you can let go of all of that and enjoy yourself with others without worrying about times, speed, power or segments, you will find yourself appreciating riding and your riding buddies that little bit more.

Go out and spread the Christmas cheer!

Have a Merry Christmas, and ride safe.

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