A Photo Tells a Thousand Words

Today La Velocita talks photography, and Brendan Edwards will take a look at the influence Strava & Instagram have on the cycling community.

Words Brendan Edwards     Images - Andrew Clifforth

When Strava & Instagram teamed up it was a match made in heaven.  Riders were offered the chance of adding photos they took via Instagram to their Strava feed.  This meant that riders could now show others where they’ve been, and share some of the amazing experiences that they’ve had along the way.

It suddenly became popular to take photos with your bike in the background.  Riders would show others the meal that they were about to eat, or take a happy snap along the way.  This was great for the cycling community, it also gave many any excuse to take an extra rest here & there.

New areas would be explored after you saw a photo a mate posted that you just had to ride, and the Strava Universe just got bigger.  More and more people seem to be riding as a result which in our eyes is a great thing.

If you’re a user of Instagram, give some thought to how this has changed the way you ride.  It makes rides more fun & gives you a chance to share your experiences with others.  As a bonus, I reckon it’s made many people become much better at photography as a result.

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