Photo of the Week - Nathan Smith

This weeks photo comes from the awesome roads and trails on New Zealand. Taken high above Akaroa Harbour there's epic vistas in every direction.

This was a solo mission, on a single speed cyclocross bike and riding some unfamiliar shingle roads of Banks Peninsula.

The photo was taken up above Akaroa Harbour. The terrain of this region is volcanic in origin - after climbing up to the crater rim I traversed along the top which is a series of craggy peaks.

With the harbour on one side and spectacular outer coast scenery on the other, this was a truly beautiful ride. It was hard, the initial climb’s length, and then the steepness of some thereafter had me hurting.

You’re exposed to the elements up there and on this day I was also fighting the wind at times. I’d really like to do it again soon though.
— Nathan Smith

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