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We're keen supporters of getting kids up and outside and on their bikes. The guys at School Bikes show us the a four year old can handle their raX 20" road bike no trouble at all!

Words - Scool Bikes

For the first time today this little boy tried to ride the Scool raX 20", a road bike with drop downs. How well he did, 4 years old and no fear at all, trying something new and challenging.

He's got a hunger to try everything out and we don't see why he should not! He has to learn his limits and he has to fail to do so, but if he succeeds, there is pride everywhere. 

As parents we are over the moon, and his confidence got a big boost. Whatever your children want to try, if it is reasonable, let them have a go, they are capable of more than we adults think!

Want to get you're kids out on some great quaility 'junior' bikes... head to Scool Bikes HERE

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