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Katie Quinn headed over the TDU to check out the awesome riding, racing and of course the latest cool gear on offer. 

Today we're taking a look at Shimano's new bike fitting tool that was being showcased at the Shimano Experience Project, on display at the Tour Down Under.

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Getting your bike fitted correctly is critical if you want to get the best out of yourself. It's not unusual for people to buy a bike only to find out after a few rides that it's too big or too small or is simply not right for them due to an aggressive set up. This is where the Shimano Bike Fitting Tool comes in.

The Bike Fitting tool was very impressive, Shimano Brand Manager Toby Shingleton ran us through the Dutch designed system, and the science behind the theory.

Comprising of a static jig and a full bike set up, both male and female cyclists can be assessed and individually analysed with a sophisticated computer system to find the best position on a range of road, mountain and comfort bikes.

The data collected can then be related to over 7,000 bikes in their database to match them to their perfect fitting bike. If you're after a particular brand, the bike fit can help you select the most appropriate model.

Pedal analysis is completed and adjustments made according to the transfer of power. The system can be used to modify pedal stroke with even minute changes producing significant advantages. Once the set up on the Shimano equipment has been achieved, laser beams are used to transfer the measurements to your bike of choice.


The true benefit lies in the independence of the information, you can be assured you're getting the best bike for you, rather than stock that a supplier is trying to move.

Jay Dutton, the 22 year old up-and-coming rider from the St George Merida NRS team told La Velocita about his personal experience with the Shimano Bike Fitting system. Jay attended a dealer conference 3 months ago where he completed a bike fit and pedal analysis.

The results indicated that he would benefit from dropping his seat and raising his handlebars as his previous position was "too aggressive". Done at the end of his season, Jay said that he found initially the changes left him a bit sore, but now is confident that with the adjustments he will be able to build on a good pre-season and improve further with his riding.

The Shimano Bike Fit takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete and is carried out by a trained staff member. Currently available at Blackmans Parramatta, it will be in Giant Adelaide and Hampton Cycles in Melbourne in 2 weeks. The individual dealers will determine the cost.

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