Shimano RP3 Road Shoe

We take a first look at Shimano's new all RED RP3 Limited Edition Road Shoe... On our first look, we're were pleased to see that Shimano has let plenty of the nice features of the high end RP9 filter down to the RP3. 


If you're really looking to stand out on your rides these Red Limited Edition RP3 shoes could be just the thing for you. 'RP' stands for Road Performance, with the range designed for use in Gran Fondos, Sportives and long distance rides. The RP shoes add a level of comfort while keeping some of the performance attributes of the Road Competition shoes.


The RP3 sits at an entry to lower mid-range RRP of $159. For that you'll get a pair of road shoes that look the goods. They also come in at about the same weight as the higher end RP9 at just over 520 grams for a size 40. We like the off-set straps that do a great job of reducing pressure points on the the top of your feet during long rides.

At this price point you won't get carbon soles, the RP3 comes with a glass fibre reinforced nylon sole, that comes in at a 6 on Shimano's outsole stiffness indicator out of a possible 12. The RP3's are constructed using synthetic leather and feature an integrated air intake and exhaust system and offer wide cleat adjustability.


Overall we think this is a great shoe considering the price point. It wins on the looks side and will suit a wide range of riders that are looking for a reliable shoe that won't break the bank, will be comfortable and perform at a level that willget them through their next big ride.

PRICE - RRP $159

SIZE - Available in sizes 36 to 52

OPTIONS - Available for a limited time in Red. Also available in black or white.

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  • Secure closure system- two hook & loop straps plus a buckle for a firm fit
  • Off-set Strap relieves tension at highest point of the foot
  • Supple padded tongue feels great
  • Light weight glass fiber reinforced nylon sole
  • Indoor cycling friendly SPD and SPD-SL cleat compatible