Black Sheep Cycling. LIMITED. Season 5.
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Black Sheep’s LIMITED Season 5 goes live tonight. It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Black Sheep… but Season 5 continues to impress. Make sure you're ready at 7pm AEST.

Season 4 sold out as it hit the web and we’ll pretty sure the same will happen this time around with Season 5. As with previous releases there’s two men’s kits, Blue Meatmaster and Portland Wave and two women's kits, Icelandic and Lacaune.

We're going to make a big call.... We love the new women's Lacaune pictured above, it's a stand out. Black, white, different, awesome.

Here's what Black Sheep say about Season 5. 

Life is too serious. Too many douhe bags that don’t smile, don’t say please and thank you, and too many that avoid rather than embrace. Time for these people to get over themselves and get back to nature. We want to celebrate our surrounds. We want to get back to saying ‘Hell Yeah’ and to having a good laugh. Season Five takes patterns and art found in nature, turns it on it’s head, and adds that little Black Sheep chic. Go on, get back to nature.
— Black Sheep Cycling

Head to Black Sheep's website HERE to sign up and get first access to this new Season 5.

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