RedWhite announce 'The Race' Bib Shorts

RedWhite announce 'The Race' Bib Shorts

Our friends at RedWhite have just announced the launch of their second bib short offering, 'The Race'. We take a first look at 'The Race' bibs, that are billed as catering for your 'aggressive riding needs'. 

Words - La Velocita    Images - RedWhite

This time RedWhite are looking after the racers. We reviewed their fantastic long distance 'The Bib' earlier in the year and were impressed.

RedWhite Apparel launched in 2014 with the goal of producing bibshorts for long distance riding. Since their launch the guys at RedWhite have secured a worldwide network of dealers and are quickly establishing themselves as a ultra comfortable long distance bib offering.

2015/16 brings a new bib 'The Race'. 8 months in the making, with several iterations and prototypes being made and tested out by riders and teams internationally, RedWhite has promised a The Race will retain all the key elements of 'The Bib'.

Following feedback from customers and racers, RedWhite is focusing on long distance needs but also with aggressive riding positions in mind.

The key difference between the Bib and The Race, lies in the chamois. The chamois, follows the same design as The Bibs but with two new key features, a dimpled surface for better heat dissipation and a reduction in density and thickness at the mid layer. We're looking forward to a slightly less bulky chamois, that you don't require when you're racing.

RedWhite has stuck with the same fabrics as The Bibs. If it's not broken, don't fix it. Our pair of The Bibs has seen many many km's and washes and still look like they are brand new. Can't argue with that.

The Race are now open for preorders, check them out at RedWhite at

La Velocita