Festka has landed in Australia. We went along to the their launch to check out the first of these stunning looking frames to land in Melbourne.

Born in the Czech Republic five years ago, Festka has become a brand renowned for producing high-end, semi or full custom bikes.  Our Friends at Bicycle Buyer are now the Australian retail partner for Festka and will help you build up a custom offeroing to meet your requirements.


The full range of Festka’s will be available in Australia - carbon, steel, titanium or carbon/titanium.

At the launch we had a chance to check out the simply stunning Doppler. The finish of this bike is up there with the best I’ve seen. If you’re truly after something that looks different in an increasingly generic market the paint job on the Doppler alone is a good place to start.


Festka has got most bike options covered,  a full range of materials, full custom builds, disc options and CX.

If they ride half as well as they look they will beformidable addition to the high end road market offering.

Frames start at $5,000 and push all the way up to $9,950.

Check out the full range at Bicyclebuyer.com