Taggisar ICE Sticker

The guys at Taggisar have come up with a simple solution to provide people with access to important information about you in the event of an accident. La Velocita takes a quick look at the TAGGISAR ICE Sticker.

Safety when riding is critical no matter who you are, racer, commuter, mountain biker, weekender. Unfortunately, from time to time things go wrong and we end up on the ground. If you are unlucky enough to be seriously injured people with you and emergency services will need fast access to contact details of family and to any medical conditions you have.

This is where the Taggisar ICE sticker comes in. Scanning the Ice Sticker QR code provides people with your emergency contact details and medical conditions.  It also allows an alert to be sent to a pre-nominated person letting them know that you have been in an accident and providing your position on a map.

There's no batteries to worry about, it's pretty much impossible to activate by accident and vey simple to set up and use.

Taggisar sent us some of their "Rider Edition" two packs. Within minutes we had the app downloaded, emergency information endeared, sticker linked and one on our helmets and one on the back of our phone case.  Easy.

Taggisar is quickly gaining momentum in Europe and the USA and is in the Australian market.  We think that it's a product that has the ability  to save lives and make riding safer, so a big tick from us.

Find out more or buy Taggisar ICE Stickers visit www.taggisar.com.au

Taggisar ICE Sticker Specifications

The simple stickers can be attached to anything you wear or carry with you (cycle helmet, phone, wallet, purse etc) and in the case of an emergency the QR code can be read within seconds to give access to important information, like:

  • your name & date of birth
  • who you would like to be contacted in an emergency,
  • details of any medication you are taking,
  • any medical conditions you have,
  • any allergies you suffer from

You control the information you make available and you can amend it online whenever you choose.