First Endurance - EFS-PRO and OPTYGEN HP

The guys at First Endurance have sent us some of their sports nutrition to try. Over the next couple of months we’ll be testing out the ‘EFS-PRO’ sports drink and ‘Optygen HP’ formula.

Supplements are always tough to talk about. Some people live by them, others don’t touch them. There are some that make outrageous claims and then, of course, there’s the constant background buzz around the growing list of banded substances combined with limited ingredients listings available with some substances.

On top of this, it’s genuinely difficult to tell if you are getting any gain from supplements even if you’re involved in a clinical study.

With all this in mind we’re planning to try out First Endurance’s EFS-PRO and Optygen.

While we can never recommend that you take, eat or drink anything, we plan to bring you a summary of what these products claim to do and how we found them in use.


EFS-Pro is a sports drink mix that comes in two flavours, ‘Lemon Water’ and the one we’re testing out ‘Cucumber Water’. Designed a strength and endurance hydration drink, First Endurance tell us that it will maximise performance and delays fatigue in extreme conditions. The information goes on to explain the essential electrolyte contained in the formula prevent cramping.

Being a powder you can make up EFS-Pro to your own strength to suit your taste and needs. On the flavour side, it’s designed to taste more like flavoured water than a traditional sports drink, making it easier and more pleasant to get through bottle after bottle on long days.

EFS-Pro is available in a 1.1kg batch for just under $70 AUD.

Optygen HP

First Endurance’s Optygen HP is an entirely different proposition. It basically taken in tablet form (four per day) and is promoted as a ‘safe and stimulant-free formula that is designed to improve oxygen utilisation, reduce lactic acid and allow the body to adapt to high levels of physical stress’.

There are some big claims right there. While, as explained above’ we’re not in the business of conducting clinical studies, La Velocita’s Glen O’Rourke is giving the Optygen supplement a test out and will be reporting in with his general observations around any improvements during the test period….

We spoke to the guys at First Endurance about Optygen HP and the results they see. There information explains that studies shoe improvements in various physiological and performance areas of endurance. This should allow:

  • Increased ability to handle high volume and high intensity training
  • Ability to replenish glycogen faster, resulting in improved recovery
  • Improved back to back workouts
  • Improved lactate curve
  • Increased VO2 Max

And more…

Check out First Endurance’s website for more information on Optygen HP.

A bottle of Optygen HP capsules retails for just over $100 AUD. 

We'd love to hear about your experiences with this products and other nutritional supplements... comment below or drop us an email at

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