Vittoria Graphene - Rubino Pro Speed

We take a first look at the latest Graphene road tyres from Vittoria. Vittoria are promising big things from this new tyre range, performance, dry and wet grip, low rolling resistance, tough construction and long wear. That's a big list...

Words and Images - Mike Boudrie


We're rolling with the new Rubino Pro Speed model of the Graphene tyre. Roughly 500 km's in on the 25s and so far we're impressed. We've tackled course country roads, through to perfect city hot mix and taken on some steep twisting descents and a mix of riding. At this stage it has been all dry use due to the hot and dry conditions Melbourne has experienced.

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We spoke with Vittoria about the new tyres. The Graphene name refers to Vittoria's unique Graphene compound called G+Isotech, it's this compound that Vittoria says provides the combination of speed by reducing rolling resistance, grip, durability and wear resistance.

Vittoria are claiming that in testing that they have achieved well over 12,000km from a single set of tyres, pretty impressive from a tyre that provides high levels performance.  


The feel on the bike is good and grip on corners has built confidence, there's almost a sticky feeling when you push the tyre hard into a corner that make the wheel go where you point it. The tyre is constructed from three compounds, that assist with the ability to provide grip where you need it, while delivering the speed and feel of high end tyre.

In the speed department the Rubino Pro Speed definitely spins up quickly and holds the speed well and were a nice change from the set of winter, gravel smashing tyres that were on the bike previously. While we don't have the scientific equipment to give you the numbers, it's pretty obvious that these roll well and are comparable to the popular all rounders on the market.

As soon as we get some rain we'll report back in. On the scales our 25's came it at 205 grams. 

We've had no punctures and the tyres still look new, we'll need to report back in a few weeks to see how wear looks and how the handle in the rain. first impressions are that this is a tyre that gets the job done, and done well.

Thanks to the guys at Essendon Cyclery for sorting us out with the Vittoria's. Yo ucan see the Rubino Pro Speed Tyres HERE