GoPro Hero 4 Black

Quick Look

We have been very lucky to get aholdof GoPro's latest offerings.  The Hero 4 Black Edition. Billed as the 'most advanced GoPro ever' this tiny camera has a lot to live up to.  We'll be testing the camera over the next few weeks but for now it's time for a quick look.

The Hero 4 Black is really small and weighs next to nothing.  It's hard to believe that something this size can capture such high quality footage.  You can film in multiple quality settings all the way up to 4K (assuming you have a 4K television to watch it on).  

Photo wise, the Hero 4 Black can manage up to 12MP and has built in Wi-Fi and bluetooth for ease of control.

Mounting on your bike is pretty easy.  There are a range of GoPro and third party attachments that let you attach the Hero 4 Balck to your handlebars, seat post, forks, helmet, chest, back etc.  The camera positions are virtually limitless.

What we really like in early use is that GoPro Studio. This free software from GoPro. It allows you to quickly upload, edit and drop your footage into pre-set templates, with music and special effects all ready in place.  We managed to pull together a 1 minute movie in about 15 minutes.  

Of course your GoPro can go on the car, scuba diving, skydiving and you can even attach it to your dog!

RRP $639AUD.