The UpStand™

The guys at Full Beam Australia have sent us through an UpStand™. Billed a ‘not a kickstand’ the UpStand™ is a super simple solution than means no more balancing your bike against walls, curbs or against other bikes.

The UpStand is basically a super light stand that attaches to the rear axel of your bike on the non drive side. Permanent weight added to your bike is 15 grams in the the form of a small washer with a small protruding section that the UpStand attaches to.

We found the UpStand a useful addition, especially when we were heading out for rides where we wanted to stop and park the bike up to feature in photos, it’s stable on firm ground and stopped us having to find a post etc to balance out bikes against. 

The UpStand also came in handy for quickly lubing the chain or having a check over the bike pre-ride. We’re the first to admit that we’ve taken a bit of paint off a bike frame, damaged shifters and bar end tape by leaving a bike leant against a wall. The UpStand was great eliminating this issue.

The stand section itself is made in the US using carbon fibre with an aluminium insert, a magnet to attach to the bike and a rubber foot. It folds in two and fits easily in a jersey pocket taking almost no space and at 37 grams you’ll do well to notice it there.  There’s also an accessory called the UpClip that allows you to attach it to your frame if that’s the way you want to go.

The UpStand with UpClip retails at Full Beam Australia for $59.00


  • Standard suits 700CC wheel size as well as 26" and 27.5" MTB wheel size
  • 29er specific for 29" MTB wheels
  • 20" suits 20" wheel size. Perfect for Folding bikes