SEE SENSE. Elite Rear 2.0 Tail Light

The guys at Full Beam Australia have sent us one of their latest high tech lights designed an built in the UK. This intelligent light is bright and has a constantly variable flash pattern, this one is worth a look.

The first thing you'll notice when you pick up the Elite Rear light is that there is no on/off switch.  Interesting, and caught our attention instantly. All that is required to turn it on, is to pick up the light and rotate it in your hand.  While this is a nice feature we'd still like to see a manual on/off to make it easier to leave the light mounted on your bike.

The See Sense Elite contains accelerometers to not only switch on and off but detect when you are moving and when you are stopped, changing the flash pattern accordingly.  It does not stop there, sensors detect when car headlights shine on the Elite, causing it to increase it's output and increase flash speed. 

With a maximum output of 155 lumen, this light is also highly visible during daylight hours and makes it genuinely worthwhile putting the light on your bike during daytime rides. Its wide 180 degree throw of light also increases side visibility. 

When you are done using the Elite it will automatically go into sleep mode after three minutes and start again automatically when it detects movement. Full shut down is possible with a rotation of the light.

Add in 12 hour run time, ability to recharge via USB, handy 'fuel' gauge to check battery life and full weather proofing and this is a high tech light that ticks a lot of boxes. 

Price - RRP$137 - Available at Full Beam Australia


  • Dimensions - 5.8x3.8x4.8cm
  • Weight - 55 grams
  • Lens - Lexon polycarbonate (used in helmet visors on Apollo moon missions)
  • Case - Luran S - a tough ASA plastic
  • Battery - Lithium ion
  • Battery life - 12 hours
  • Warranty - 12 months