We take a look at Zevlin's 'BIG 40'. This 40mm super wide tape has been on the bars of of my bike for a couple of months now and is doing a great job.

At 40mm wide the Big 40 is wider than most bar tape I have ever used before. The advantage of this is that you can get a really good overlap, so no gapping of tape. This also makes it pretty easy to put on and provides the ability to go with a wider overlap to get extra cushion if that;s your thing.

I rapped my bars pretty tight to keep the tape thin, I tike getting lots of road feel... On another bike we went for a wide overlap and achieved a nice cushioned feel. It was almost to the point where you might not realise the two bar tapes were the same.

My previous tape was Supacaz, and while the Zevlin is wearing really well and provides reasobale grip it's not of the same standard. In wet conditions I have found that Big 40 does not get the same tacky feel as some other tapes, however I was never left feeling like my hands were going to slip, even with no gloves on.

Durability is really good. After almost three months of solid riding the bars still look great and there's been no movement from the tape. The supplied Zevlin bar end plugs feel a bit on the cheep side but are comparable to other tapes at this price point. 

Price - expect to pay around A$40.00 for a pack of Big 40. There's a tone of colours to choose from. We stuck with our old favourite, black.

Check out www.fairwaytrade.com.au to find out where to buy.


  • 40mm in width, because wider is better and provides increased covering ease for any set of bars
  • 2.0mm thick for cushion, it helps maintain a positive feeling to the bars
  • Plenty of tape to cover all...no problem.
  • Enough cushion to give you shock absorption comfort while putting in the miles.
  • Comes with "Z" bar ends, brake hood strip covers and finishing tape so all you need is to find the time to put it on.