Assos F1 Uno S5 Logo Bib Shorts

Assos F1 Uno S5 Logo Bib Shorts

Assos.  Cycling kit powerhouse.  We've discovered that you don't need to look like the super muscular Assos model to be comfortable in a pair of their bib shorts.

This week we're having a look at a pair of Assos' F1 Uno S5 bib shorts.  Their lower priced "all-round, training and racing bib short".

About - Assos describes their F1 Uno S5 bib shorts as “The all-round, training and racing bib short”.  We tend to agree, the F1 Uno S5 feels like a bib short that can handle most environments.  We are always amazed by the effort that Assos go with packaging. The F1 Uno S5's turned up at La Velocita HQ boxed complete with washing detergent, wash bag and mini pot of Assos chamois cream.

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The Assos F1 Uno S5's are constructed from six panels cut in the Assos AEPD (Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design).  The idea of AEPD is that the bib shorts contour to your body when you are in a cycling position.  This is meant to stop any build up of pressure anywhere, which especially important when it comes to your shorts! 

To reduce costs the pad is not curved like the Assos top end offering but still does the job really well. Assos has also overlocked the seams of the F1 Uno S5 and used welded leg grippers that are not as flat as the Assos top end offering.  However, we found the seams comfortable and the shorts were held in place really well by the leg grippers. 

Assos are known for quality. The F1 Uno S5 is no exception.
— La Velocita

Buying the FI Uno S5 gives you access to some fantastic Assos technology minus the high price tag.  While they might not look quite as 'edgy' as their more expensive cousins they are still a great pair of bibs offering good value for money.

Quality - Assos are known for quality.  The F1 Uno S5 is no exception. The stitching is perfect, the material has a fantastic feel and the pad is good.  We have put ours through the washing machine on multiple occasions to see how they hold up.  They are still looking as good as new.  We've had a few pairs of Assos bibs and they stand up to abuse better than many others.  We'd be confident that the F1 Uno S5 will be no exception.

Ride - The main thing that makes these shorts so good is that you don't really notice them.  We put down some big 4 or 5 hour plus rides in the Assos F1 Uno S5 shorts and not once felt a build up of pressure, burning or discomfort.  The shoulder straps are wide and don't pull, the mesh allows air flow, the leg bands and silicone grippers hold the F1 Uno S5 in place with just the right amount of pressure. On the compression side, there is not the same super firm feel you get with the top end Assos shorts, however the material is still firm and the cut supports the muscles pretty well.

Sizes - 7 sizes XS through XLR and TIR - The Assos shorts sizing is true to size.  Our tester is generally a L in most shorts but fell into XL by the Assos measure, XL turned out to be spot on for our 188cm and 80kg tester.  

Price - From $190 upwards depending on where you buy. Even though this is the entry level bib it still is a great product.  

Overall - If you want to spend some time on your bike in comfort, the Assos F1 Uno S5's are definitely worth a look.  They may be more expensive than other brands and 'only'  be Assos' lower end bib short but for the money you are buying a quality product and gaining technology from one of the worlds powerhouses of cycling clothing manufacturing while not breaking the bank.

FI.Uno Logo

  • AEPD (Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design) ergonomic 6-panel cut
  • FI Uno S5 insert
  • One piece insert for better confort
  • High density foam insert protecting all contact points
  • Insert attached by 3-stitch sewing
  • Back panel antistatic carbon fiber mesh
  • Elastic leg-gripper with silicone
  • Overlock seams
  • Reflective visibility stripe