Jaggad - The Milk Bar Jersey and Bib Shorts

Jaggad - The Milk Bar Jersey and Bib Shorts

We've been out testing Jaggad's Milk Bar kit.  This lightweight, race cut kit bearing the name of Jaggad's new Elwood store is designed to keep you feeling cool, comfortable in a race cut kit, all while looking stylish... has Jaggad managed to do it?  Read more to find out.

Review - Mike Boudrie

Photography - Andrew Clifforth

About Jaggad

Jaggad opened their first retail store ‘The Milk Bar’ late last year. You'll find the Milk Bar sitting nicely in a strip of shops at 109 Brighton Road, Elwood.  It is low key and unassuming, with a real welcoming feel.  

Jaggad cycling kits are designed to be classic, stylish and with Malachi Moxon looking after the design expect to see some great looking kits from Jaggad.  

Read more about Jaggad in our profile here.

The Milk Bar Jersey

About - A classic looking design in a serious race cut.

The Milk Bar Jersey has a serious race-cut design.  We had to move up a size and even then the Jersey was still close to the race fit category.  The jersey is made from a super lightweight wool/polyester blend fabric with side mesh panels, all designed to wick moisture, keep you cool and help you go fast!

We really like the longer sleeve length the Milk Bar Jersey offers, there's no grippers at the end of the sleeves, but just the right amount of stretch is there to keep the arms in place. 

Around the back there are three medium sized pockets and a silicon gripper running across the bottom of the rear panel to keep things where they should be.

As usual, jersey colour is down to personal preferences.  We liked the Milk Bar Jersey, it has a classic feel while incorporating modern materials and cut.  We think it looks great,  it certainly gets positive comments wherever we take it... even from non cyclists.

Quality - A high end finish.

The stitching is neat and tidy, the zip runs well and has a good overlap of material behind it.  For hot conditions, the fabric choice by Jaggad is a winner.  The pockets are a reasonable size but due to the light weight nature we would not recommend cramming too much into them or you may find they stretch.

Ride - The cut comes into its own on the bike.  

On the drops we found the jersey felt great, no wind flap on the shoulders, no bunching of material on the chest, no riding up at the back.  Great work Jaggad.  If you are not about the race cut look we'd suggest at least one or even two sizes up from your nomal Jersey size.

We really enjoyed this Jersey in the hot weather, the colour, material and lightness all do a good job of keeping you as cool as possible and feeling comfortable.  Well rides, we found the Jersey moves with you pretty well, the arms stayed in place and zip moved really well if we needed to let some extra air in.

The wool blend in the material does the job of wicking moisture away from the skin without the same 'technical' feel that some of the other high end jerseys we see at La Velocita.

Size - Five sizes, XS, S, M, L, XL.  

Jaggad recommend going up a size due to the race cut of the Milk Bar Jersey.  This was true for our 188cm/79kg tester, who moved to a 'large' from the normal 'medium' size Jersey.

Price - $189.95 

Overall - Cool and comfortable, tick. Aero, tick, Looking good, we think so.

We think this is a great Jersey from Jaggad, there are some more technical options out there but the Jaggad design philosophy will attract buyers that want a 'fast jersey' without the race colour scheme. 

Jaggad - The Milk Bar Bib Shorts

About -Great design and look.

The Milk Bar Bib Shorts are currently the only bib shorts available from Jaggad and are described as by Jaggad as a "top of the range short made from super smooth, soft lycra keeping you comfortable and stylish on and off the bike."

On closer inspection, Jaggad has used lycra and silicone leg grippers and mesh back panel with wide lycra straps and a firm chamois that is not too thick, and not too thin.  There's some nice looking "Milk Bar" branding. Jaggad have started off in the right place. 

The Jaggad Milk Bar Bib Shorts are designed to be paired with the Milk Bar Jersey.  However they look good with the full range of Jaggad Jerseys available.

Quality - High quality finish.

Jaggad has pitched the Milk Bar Bibs at the top of the range.  At this level we'd expect perfection in construction and quality.  Jaggad's material choices are strong, and in the hand all the fabrics feel like the real deal.

Stitching around the legs section is excellent and the chamois is stitched in perfectly. The lycra straps are very nice, soft and of a width that does not cause any pressure points. Leg ends are perfectly finished with lycra and a double row of continuous silicon to keep them in place.

If we had to pick one area for improvement it would be the few loose threads in the bib section and while the overall finish is excellent, the finishing of the bib section could be a little neater.

Saying that, we are we are still very impressed with the overall quality of these bibs.  With around 20 wears and washes they still look new. We'd expect these bibs to stay looking good and feeling comfortable for a long time.

Ride - Race cut, great chamois, super comfortable.

The Milk Bar Bib Shorts are again in the race cut territory.  They are lightweight with wide lycra panels that provide good levels of compression.  The chamois is a strong performer and even after 150km plus rides we were left feeling good in the area that really matters. No bunching, no discomfort.

The leg grippers are solid. These shorts will not move on your legs. Put them on, line them up and forget. No adjustment required. Like some top end bib shorts, we did find the Jaggad bibs slightly restrictive when standing up/off the bike, but on the bike and in the drops they fit, and fit well.

The firm fit supports your legs well, helping performance.  We really liked the mesh panels and relatively narrow back strap. It helps keep you cool on those hot days.

Size - Five sizes, XS, S, M, L, XL.  

Our 188cm/79kg rider wore a medium.

Price - $209.95

Overall - Comfort, performance and style.

Jaggad has done a great job with The Milk bar bib shorts.  They are top end and the price reflects this, but if you want comfort, long distance durability and like to look great they are worth checking out.

Check the Milk Bar Bib Shorts out here or head to Jaggad's Elwood store.

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