RedWhite - The Bibs

We’ve been testing ‘The Bibs’ from RedWhite. They are passionate about comfort on long distance rides. The result is a pair of bib shorts designed for all day comfort, to let you sit and enjoy the ride.

Mike Boudrie reports.

Photography - Andrew Clifforth

About has been started in 2014 by two road cyclists based in Singapore. They wanted to create a high quality pair of bib knicks that would not break the bank.

RedWhite actually promote themselves as offering ‘premium long distance cycle wear’. The one driving focus at RedWhite is comfort. They have set out to create a pair of bibs that will keep you feeling good on long long rides. 

One of the riders behind RedWhite, Yuva tells us that they saw a need for bib shorts that disappear when on, they wanted so create something that means chamois cream and discomfort are gone.

As a new business RedWhite currently offer ‘The Bibs’, their original flagship long distance bib shorts and the “The KOM’ Limited polka dot style bib shorts. They are keeping it simple and making sure they get it right.


On receiving the RedWhite ‘The Bibs’ the first thing that struck us was the thickness of the pad. We have tested a lot of kit at La Velocita over the last 6 months and this pad is by far the thickest one we have seen. 

There are instructions to soak the shorts in cold water overnight prior to your first wear. The idea is to basically soften the pad and speed up the process of breaking it in.

The chamois itself is produced in Italy from open-cell foam, with gel inserts and an anti-bacterial outer.  The chamois are also thermic moulded. This all basically means that the chamois should keep its shape and remain plush during and after long days in the saddle.

The overall construction quality of The Bibs is excellent, the stitching, quality of lycra and the mesh section of the bibs are made from a nylon based lycra that is very nice.

Leg grippers are a massive 7cm wide and held in place by oversized silicone microdots – even though called ‘oversized’ the dots are tiny and hold things inplace while being designed to allow your skin to breath.


Pulling the RedWhite bibs on for the first time was a slightly strange experience. The chamois thickness is obvious and feels pretty stiff.  Out on the road there’s a lot of cushioning and while it felt a little over padded we never felt any discomfort, loss of feeling where it counts or heat build up.

Several hundred kilometers in and the pad has changed completely. It still has all the cushioning and support but it has softened really nicely and there is none of the strange feel. It’s getting better and better.

The Bibs don't have the big compression levels some offer, but they are not loose, just a firm feel all over. The panels are large and there are no inner thigh seams.  The front of the bibs is also low cut to remove pressure on the abdomen when breathing hard.

The result of this is a really comfortable pair of knicks. They really do fit their intended use of long days, 100km or 200km epics where being comfortable can make or break you.

We loved the wide leg grippers and there was no irritation from the seems, chamois or bib section. The material used breaths well and was well suited to Australian warmer conditions.


RedWhite has not gone crazy with graphics, the bibs are black with a simple RedWhite logo on one leg meaning that they should work with a variety of jersey combinations.


RedWhite were excellent in helping get the perfect size to us. 

Our 188cm/78kg tester was a size Medium.


RRP $150USD – Approximately $195AUD (April 2015) 

Where to buy 

Head to to check out ‘The Bibs’


The team at RedWhite has clearly put a lot of time and effort into creating a pair of bib shorts that meet the needs of the everyday and long distance cyclist. Their 6 months of research and development has resulted in a great product that will fit a range of body shapes while providing all day comfort.

We’re looking forward to what’s next from RedWhite!

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