The Weekly Rider - Mich Pasmanik

The Weekly Rider - Mich Pasmanik

Mich Pasmanik is the Weekly Rider! She's one of the most friendly people I've ever met, she's getting things done, and has never been spotted without a smile on her face...

She's a travel agent, Founder of Bici Amour Tours - Holidays for Cyclists (not a cycling holiday), works for a NFP sporting organisation in project administration and spends her spare time (when I'm not riding) taking photos of everything and anything, but mostly at Crits, my two adorable nieces and anything travel related.

Dream Bike

I've been dreaming about my N+1 for a while now as i've only ever owned one bike and its really tough as there as so many incredible bikes out there! 

So while I love my bike, its a BH Quartz affectionately called "Spearmint Rhino", in my dreams I can imagine myself riding a Curve Belgie Disc for its adventurous spirit or a Ridley or a Trek or a Specialized or a Bianchi or a Stinner or a Baum (I'm a Libran ... can you tell?)

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What is your favourite local ride?

Definitely Mt Pleasant! Its pretty much 40km from my front door to the top of it and while it's not always pleasant, I love the roads past Heidelberg which make you feel so far away from the city and the challenge of the hills.

What is your current cycling goal

I've only been riding for 3 years so this year I set myself a yearly target of 8,000km which I've hit already thanks to trying to keep up with my friends (also a goal!)

When I am on the bike I.... so content and happy. Even if I'm grunting and probably swearing (as those who ride with me can attest to) I'm still enjoying every minute.

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How did your love of bikes come about?

I used to dance and when I stopped there was about a 5 year gap of me looking for something "to do". One day I called a friend who I used to dance with who was also into triathlons and said tell me about this triathlon thing... he said it's addictive you know and I said so is every other sport I've done. 

Long story short, triathlons didn't become addictive because running is not high on my priority list, I'm a swimmer at heart but it was the bike became life saving and life changing. 

I bought my very first bike in January 2015 and fell in love with the feeling of freedom, of being able to go out alone or with others, the challenge of being pushed and the excitement of growing stronger, more capable and overcoming my own demons. I've met so many incredible people and can't imagine life without my bike now!


Share a cycling memory

Last year I went to my first TDU and by day 5 was in a world of pain and struggling on all levels because I literally could not keep up with any of my friends. I said to the Black Sheep Stinner girls that I'd just ride on my own to Willunga because I was slowing everyone down and they basically said "HELL NO" and supported me all the way there. 
That to me is what cycling is about. 
Someone always has your back.

I love to ride because.... it keeps me fit, mentally and physically and its so much fun!

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