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The Weekly Rider - Jonathan Lambrianidis

Mike BoudrieComment
The Weekly Rider - Jonathan Lambrianidis

JLamb is the Weekly rider! He's a long time supporter of La Velocita, a great guy and can pack a punch on the bike... He's a Lawyer at Swisse Wellness, loves coffee (of course) and has accepted that 4am starts come hand in hand with riding and working. 

Dream Bike

Isn't every cyclists dream bike their next one? 

Because I love the ride of my current bike I couldn't go past getting the new 2018 Tarmac frame and geeking it out. 

I'd track down the brightest 2018 Tarmac frame and pair it with full Dura Ace Di2. For hoops I'd slot it on a pair of Enves and finish it off with some Garmin Vector 3 pedals. All before naming her Annabelle!

Did anyone say Santa?


What is your favourite local ride

Narrowing it down to one is like asking my parents to choose who is their favorite twin out my my sister and I! 

I love all the loops equally but my love for all things vert means the one I secretly love the most (and everyone else loves to hate) is a solid Heidelberg to Healsville loop.

It takes in Mount Pleasant, Kinglake from both sides, Buttermans Track, Myers Creek Road and all the rollers in between.

Legend has it that last time we rode this loop one of the crew revisited lunch and gave his cleats some quality time on the bitumen after a nuclear meltdown climbing up through the Toolangi State Forrest. Sorry Andy...


What is your current cycling goal?

2018 is going to be exciting on the goals front. I'm planning to mixing travelling with my bike and racing which will be a nice change when compared to the last 5 or so years which have been super focused on racing.

So far I'm planning with a week at the Tour Down Under, the Audax Alpine Classic in Bright, slotting in a short getaway around racing the Tour of East Gippsland and Tour of Mansfield and then getting across to Bali in April. 

After that I'll get stuck into the Cycling Victoria Time Trial Series and as many VRS races I can get to.

When I am on the bike I....

...am completely free. I have always loved the feeling of freedom you get as soon as you clip in and push through those first few pedal strokes. No matter how many times I get out to ride that feeling never gets old.

How did your love of bikes come about?

My dad! He was all signed and training to complete the Ride to Conquer Cancer and had just picked up his first road bike which meant he immediately started looking for and picked up bike number two. So spare bike, spring time and massive amounts of FOMO really left me with no choice but to start riding!

So in all its 'alloy composite, 9 speed Tiagra and one size too big' glory I jumped on, clipped in from day 1 and never looked back. 

Almost a year on from my first ride I rode the Ride to Conquer Cancer with dad and started racing shortly after that - it was at that point cycling went from a hobby to an obsession!!


Share a cycling memory...

So the story behind my current bike is equal parts hilarious as it is gut wrenching. 

Two days before flying out for the Tour Down Under I was getting my hipster cafe game on at Espresso Alley in Northcote when a gust of wind picked up my Tarmac off the wall, crushed it against a light pole and snapped the top tube.

Cobbling a bike together for TdU saved the day and my LBS were gems who put in the overtime to get me a frame by the time I got back. 

Now this is where it starts to unravel! I thought the frame I ordered was coloured 'Bianchi Green'. Wrong! Turns out the guy on the end of the phone heard 'Monster Green'. So where I was expecting this refined turquoise gem to show up, I walked in to find an obnoxiously bold and bright fluro yellow beast. 

I spent the first 2 weeks sulking until I figured out refined is overrated and bold and bright is where the party is at. Needless to say, it is probably the best mistake I've ever made.

I love to ride because....

Cycling has this magical ability to bring people together in a world where everything is left at door and the only things that matter are your sock height and choice of coffee!