The Weekly Rider - Veronica Micich

Veronica Micich is the La Velocita Weekly Rider! With big goals of moving into the national elite racing scene and a passion for adventure on the bike, we find out more about what drives her to be the best she can.

Name: Veronica Micich (aka Von)

Lives: Eastern Suburbs, Melbourne

Dream Bike: I got setup with a Specialized Tarmac (named Tara) this year through The Ride Cycles. As there is always another upgrade I would love... the Specialized Tarmac DI2 Disc looks like the next best thing! 

Favourite Local Ride: Mt Donna Buang. It's the first mountain I ever climbed on a road bike and winds through the forest to some pretty amazing views. I've had some great rides up there and as a climb it was the first I'd really tested myself on.

My current cycling goal is: To race at the elite national level. I've raced for the past 4 years in Masters age group races and been pretty successful, last year walking away with the National Masters Time Trial title. The reality check of joining an NRS team and trying to juggle a full time, full on job has been a bit of a challenge, but one I'm putting everything into. 

When I am on the bike I: 

...Forget everything else and live in the moment.

...Head-check for traffic and keep on rolling.

...Love descending after a long climb.

How did your love of bikes come about: It was organic! It started when my mum used to take me to kinder on the back of her ladies step through bike. It grew into staying up extra late watching Tour de France with my Dad. It re-ignited in my teens to escape the house and get to uni before I could afford a car. And now it's a great hobby and passion that has invaded my lifestyle. I can't imagine life without a bike in some way shape or form and I love to share and encourage others to experience it. 

Share a cycling memory: I was about 15kg heavier than I am racing now, it was drizzling with rain and I was rugged up and peddling up the back of Mt Hotham from Dinner Plain on a mountain bike which would have been almost 10kg heavier than my lightweight Tarmac now.

I was riding with my friend Bev and we were basing our effort on heart rate and it was hard work. While we were about 20 years difference in age, our fitness was about the same and every 20 minutes we'd check in to see how we were going and if we needed to stop to have a break to get our heart rate down. Several years later I had a new bike and new outlook on life, Bev supported me in the car for my first full attempt of Mt Hotham from Harrietville. It was an emotional rollercoaster to get to the top solo, but I made it! Several years after that, I plucked up enough courage to race the Tour of Bright where in the final stage we race to the top of Mt Hotham from Bright! It still seems crazy to me that from couch potato to racing every weekend!

Veronica Micich 4.jpg

I love to ride because... it takes me places and appeals to my sense of adventure! I've ridden in almost every state and territory in Australia and have taken my bike overseas for some great rides around France.

I love that I have to focus on what I am doing and the worries and troubles of the day don't exist. I love good food and being fit and healthy, so cycling helps balance all of that out in equal measures.

 Von is sponsored by:

  • Thule Australia
  • Building Champions Women's Team
  • Specialized Australia
  • The Ride Cycles
  • Tineli
  • Feelgood Fitness
  • Flight Centre Active Travel
  • Bendbal Finance
  • Pro4mance
  • Poyser Motors
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