The Weekly Rider - Anna Thomson

Anna Thomson is the La Velocita Weekly Rider!  Only three years after buying her first bike, in August 2014 Anna founded the Fondo range of women's cycling apparel with Kate Palethorpe and Emma Grella.

Anna is also the founder TraVelo, the bike bag rental business... in a relatively short period Anna has made her mark on cycling.  We can't wait to see what's next!

We'll be profiling Fondo in the coming weeks so watch this space for more. 

Name: Anna Thomson      

Lives: Ivanhoe, VIC

Dream bike: I’m pretty attached to my current ride, it’s a Focus Cayo Evo and was a surprise Christmas gift two years ago. I learnt to ride, climbed my first mountain and raced my first crit on this bike…we’ve been through a lot together.

Favourite local ride:  There are many beautiful roads around Hurstbridge, St Andrews and Christmas Hills. Most cyclists head out this way to climb Kinglake however it’s worth venturing off the main roads – you’ll find a great mix of punchy climbs, rolling hills, stunning scenery and gravel tracks. All the ingredients for a perfect ride!

My current cycling goal is:  Fondo leads regular women’s rides throughout the year. We like to mix it up a bit so my goal is to discover some new routes that are both challenging and beautiful.  We’re also looking to launch a race team so I’m going to have to start ramping up my training if I’m going to make the cut!

When I am on the bike I: I’m always planning…my next ride, where to stop for coffee or the next Fondo range. A lot of Fondo’s biggest ideas and decisions have happened when Emma, Kate and I are on the bike!

How did your love for bikes come about:  My husband Angus introduced me to cycling – he’d been riding for a couple of years and encouraged me to give it a try. A couple of mates from work (Emma and Kate, now co-founders of Fondo) had also just started cycling so I had some friends to learn the ropes with. We signed up to do Around the Bay in a Day and started riding together regularly…I was hooked. 

Share a cycling memory:  In September I did Amy’s Gran Fondo and managed to take 25 minutes off my previous time, finishing 6th in my category. It was a proud moment for me, considering I was terrible when I started cycling – I used to get dropped by everyone, all the time! I proved to myself that persistence really does pay off.

I love to ride because:  There are all the obvious things…the freedom, the adrenalin and the satisfaction I get whilst riding bikes.  However, the one thing that stands out to me most is the new friendships that I’ve gained through cycling – it’s a sport that seems to attract positive, happy people.  

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