The weekly Rider - Philip Le Masurier

Philip Le Masurier is the La Velocita Weekly Rider! Philip takes some of the best cycling photos we've seen, both on and off the bike. We love the way his shots encapsulate the sport that we can't live without! 

La Velocita's Mike Boudrie talks with Philip about why he loves to ride!

Photography: Philip Masurier

Name - Philip Le Masurier   

Lives - Sydney

Dream bike - I like to keep my dreams achievable and truth is I don’t know much about bikes. I’m currently loving my Cannondale SuperSix EVO. I recently shot a custom built Ti Festka and I could easily start dreaming along those lines. A beautiful bike.

Favourite local ride - My most local fave would be RNP and all of its variations. A little further afield and an absolute delight is of course the Gorges -  never less than 4 Gorges and sometimes up to 6 or 7 Gorges. Love Bobbin and the Galston switchbacks. Some of my favourite pictures have been taken on these rides.

My current cycling goal is... The Dolomites for the riding and the photography. Though truth be told I’m happy riding and shooting in any alpine region.

When I am on the bike I... am clear, I sing, I wonder, I dream, I listen and I look, rarely do I think and rarely do I worry. I see pictures all the time and sometimes I even take some.

How did your love for bikes come about - I’ve always had a bike. As kids we used to race along the bush tracks that then ran along the edge of Beach Rd in Melbourne.

I’ve only become serious in the last few years. When my wife and I got together she decided we needed a shared interest and thought it should be cycling. She still has the same bike and rarely rides it. I’m on my fourth and ride it all the time.

Share a cycling memory - I remember the first time I went on a group ride with Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club, it was my first group ride. I was totally mesmerised with the sound of all those freewheels. I still love that sound.

So many great cycling memories though. Riding through remote Vietnamese villages and unbelievably rugged mountain passes with Ride and Seek will always be a treasured memory. Riding and photography at its absolute best.

I love to ride because... It takes me so many wonderful places, creatively, physically and emotionally that so few activities can. I’m in the moment completely - it’s what I imagine a zen state to be. Man, machine and a path to anywhere. 

Here are some examples of Philip's amazing studio work.  Head to for more information or follow him on Facebook