A'qto - Celebrating 10 years with a massive giveaway!

A'qto - Celebrating 10 years with a massive giveaway!

We love cycling kit, it is awesome. What do we love more? Well custom kit for our crew. If you've ever wanted to get a custom kit for you and your mates now is the time as we're helping A'qto give away 10 kits custom designed for you.

This is a good one. 


I've got a great and longstanding relationship with Nancy and Damian at A'qto. So when they emailed saying they wanted to celebrate A'qto's tenth birthday by giving away this awesome prize I jumped on board... I wonder if I can still enter?

Ten years is a big one. It's a long time. I certainly look a bit different to how I did 10 years ago. A lot can happen, and for a business, getting through those first early years is massive, but making it to ten, well that's another level.

Reaching ten does not happen by standing still. It takes dedication, hard work, perseverance. It happens by taking the long road... and there's no short cut. It's about evolving, shaping your product, changing your product, following new opportunities and above anything else, being passionate about what you do. And that's what A'qto have done.

I remember seeing some of Damian's first t-shirts hitting the market. There was not much in the way of off the bike casual cycling clothing around in 2007... there is now. There has been an huge explosion in cycling since then, it's a global sport with global brands and hundreds of hundreds of businesses producing various items.

Chatting to Nancy and Damian, it has always been clear to me that they want to create a full experience for their customers.... what does this mean? Well having known them for a while now, it's their approach, their absolute and uncompromising  commitment to quality. They view their customers as their friends, people that they want to share their love of cycling with by improving their overall experience.

What is uncompromising commitment? It's sourcing vintage bikes to meet their customers needs so they can ride L'Eroica while travelling with A'qto in Italy. It's about souring local and handmade produce and producing homemade, beautiful dishes. It's selecting, and I'm sure testing, the best local wine and beer. How can I say this with confidence? Well, I have experienced A'qto hospitality first hand.

What's next from A'qto? It's continuing to building their travel experiences. Taking some of the best mountains, roads and regions and combining with their next level hospitality... think food and wine plus top accomodation to bring a fully rounded experience. I've had the pleasure of heading away on two of A'qto's Victorian based adventures where I experienced some awesome riding and top hospitality.

Of course, look out for A'qto's constantly evolving kit (I've just picked up their winter offering and my first impressions are that it's a winner). I'd describe their style as a modern take on the classic. Their kit is all Italian made, full of technical features, comfortable and built to last. I've owned a few A'qto kit's and can personally vouch for them.

Also in a very exciting move, A'qto are the people to see if you are in the market for a Formigli custom made bicycle. Now, I'm not talking choose your colours, this is fully measured up and built to meet your exact specifications. I've seen Damian's Formigli, it's simply beautiful. 

Now, don't forget to help A'qto celebrate turning 10 years old by clicking here to win 10 custom designed and Italian made kits worth $3,500. 

I've thought about it and I'm entering.