Baum. Titanium. No Compromise.

Want a titanium bike.  You probably want a Baum.

Today we are profiling arguably one of the best titanium bike builders in the world.  No exaggeration. No bias. Baum bikes are simply amazing.

We are warning you now; if you haven't heard of Baum, by the end of this article, there is a chance you will want one.

Who are Baum?

Based in Geelong, Victoria they are an Australian based bike manufacturer.  Darren Baum is a master when it comes to shaping titanium.  He trained and worked as an aircraft engineer and stainless steel welder before falling into the world of building bikes.  Being a bike racer he clearly always had the passion brewing. After an accident, he became interested in biomechanics and, in turn, how the design of your bike can make you faster. Baum was born.

The Baum Approach

Baum's approach to design is simple.  Build a bike that you will love to ride now and still love just as much in 10 years time.  To do this they add a special ingredient. Quality.  It's more than a bike that is light, or fast.  It's hard to describe, but it's that combination of feel, look, geometry, material, craftsmanship, paint, and basically everything that comes together to make a bike that you can't live without. 

Baum Quality

Look for a gathering of riders around a bike with lots of 'ooohhhh', 'wooow' and 'niiice' sounds and you'll probably find a Baum at the centre of the huddle.  They are truly quality machines.  We have never seen a Baum with a funny looking weld or anything slightly out of alignment.  Everything is just right.  It's clear from their bikes that Baum love cycling.  The bike is far more than a 'product' for Baum. It is passion and quest for perfection.

To get the quality that Baum's are known for, all of their bikes are built in-house. This means Baum can control every stage of the manufacturing process. The main parts of the frame are designed and machined by Baum to get everything just right.  Baum butt the tubes, shape them and apply corrosion prevention treatments in the same building.  Paint is also done in house and has been perfected by Baum with the help of PPG who specialise in high performance paints.


Baum take this a level further than most bike builders.  Measuring you up for a custom bike fit does not just result in tube lengths being cut to your size and angles being changed.  They butt, bend and shape the titanium tubes to the individual rider make a bike that is truly custom.  It is built for you.

Once you have got the frame sorted it's time to personalise.  Paint scheme (Baum provides options here), build, drop outs racks, mounts, name on the top tube... it's up to you.

The Baum Fit

Want to get fitted up?  There's a few ways you can work with Baum. Head to Geelong (South West of Melbourne) meet the guys, talk about what you want then have a ride on their fit bike.  They will sort you out with the best position right down to crank length and handlebar width.

If you can't get to Baum HQ you can use a third party fitting system and send the results onto the guys.

If you have a bike that you think is a perfect fit, you can also supply the measurements of that bike and the will start the build there.

Baum also offer standard sizes.  To be clear, these bikes are not just sitting in stock, they are made to order. Road bike frames made in 1cm increments  and mountain bikes are measured referencing head and top tube lengths, adjusted by 1cm and 0.5cm respectively between sizes.

From here you order your bike and wait for delivery of a piece of artwork that will keep you happy for a long,m long time!

Whether it's a road bike, tourer or mountain bike you are after, Baum can put something very special together for you.

Find out more at Baum.