The Carbon Bike Doctor

The ‘Carbon Bike Doctor’ was born of a passion for performance, a passion for design and a passion for cycling. 

Damaged your high-end carbon frame? Make sure you speak to these guys before heading out to buy a replacement.

La Velocita's Mike Boudrie spoke with the guys to find out what they are all about.


Carbon Bike Doctor is a Carbon Fibre Repair business based Sydney that can repair your bike at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

The guys can match the carbon layers from original construction to ensure that your ride retains the same feel, quality and stiffness.

Carbon Bike Doctor 2

In addition they also offer a refinishing service, which in most cases, means you may not be able to tell where the repair was.

Founder Tristan Tucker has a simple philosophy, “We’ll strive to help our customers by providing them with the best experience possible. Whether through fixing your bike, giving it a new paint job, or building you a new one - we are here to help you.”

Carbon Bike Doctor’s Experience

Tristan comes from a career in the racing yacht industry where he worked on very high end racing yachts, building custom carbon parts and completing repairs for teams around the world. Working on super yachts taught me how to look after and work on high end products.    

Tristan eventually became a very keen cyclist and worked within Teschner Bikes.  While there he saw a gap in the market for high quality professional carbon bike repairs, where it is critical that they are repaired correctly to ensure they are safe to use.

What sort of frames does the Carbon Bike Doctor repair?

We repair any carbon frame, from road to mountain bikes, time trial to Cyclocross. Basically any high-end carbon frame that can be repaired safely and to its original carbon specifications.

What is ‘repairable’?

Carbon fibre is one of the most repairable materials around, almost any repair can be undertaken, especially the many bike rack disasters that come our way “don’t forget the roof rack”


and after.

Do you ship frames?

Yes, we ship frames to pretty much any destination in Australia and around the world.

How much does it cost?

Every repair is unique and will need to be quoted. Common “carbon only” repairs are generally in the range of $350-$450 but always depends on the severity of the damage, location of damage, shape of the frame and of course paint and graphics.

Basically, repairs are very individual but we offer different levels of finish to cater for everyone’s budget. Recently more people are taking up the basic raw carbon repairs to help keep costs down, we offer this service to get you back on your bike as quickly as possible.

Colnago C60 custom paint process

The guys at Carbon Bike Doctor are passionate about what they do and are proud to say “we do it right”. Tristan tells us that if you’ve damaged your frame to make sure you do your research when selecting a repairer. 

We second this; a poor repair can potentially end in disaster. Head to the Carbon Doctor’s website for more information.