Melbourne based MAAP hit the market in October 2014 across a select network of cycling boutiques as well as a dedicated online site.

If you're out riding, you'll likely see someone in the distinctive range of MAAP socks and now their extended range of cycling gear is gaining momentum.

Mike Boudrie caught up with the guys behind MAAP to find out what they are all about.


MAAP's Co-Founder Jarrad Smith tells us that MAAP started out in 2014 with a range of 14 products.  MAAP's products are performance oriented with a strong focus on design.  This has resulted in a strong appeal both locally and overseas. 

Since its launch MAAP's range has expanded with new jerseys, socks and vests.  We're also very excited to see their first Autumn collection due out early March 2015. Keep your eye on La Velocita for our review of the new gear.

Jarrad has a solid background in the Melbourne cycling scene. He's a long time membership of massive St. Kilda Cycling Club and has raced for, and managed, numerous cycling teams.  Add to this extensive experience in Australian fashion and apparel and you've got what you need to create some seriously good products. 

MAAP's Mission

Jarrad tells us that MAAP's goal was to "create a lifestyle brand that incorporated the highest quality standards with fresh design aesthetics, something we wanted to wear day in day out. Based on our respective backgrounds, Oliver (Co-Founder) and I had very specific fit and design requirements that we couldn’t achieve with off the shelf product. So that was really the catalyst for why we created MAAP."

MAAP's Co-Founder Oliver Cousins spent 13 years designing for the surf and street wear industry for brands including Stussy, Mambo and Globe and was excited to bring a fresh eye to the cycling industry.

Oliver explains that the guys felt that the market was well catered to from a sporty or heritage perspective but saw a lack of products suited to themselves and the younger generation coming through. Cyclists who may come from a surf or skate background or who just appreciate art or design culture.


MAAP are focused on quality. To help achieve this their apparelis manufactured in Milan, Italy and their socks areAustralian made. 

The MAAP Summer collection features jerseys, bib shorts, socks, caps and arm warmers and it set to expand for Winter to include cooler weather products including rain jackets, long sleeve jerseys, bibs and beanies. 

You can pick up some MAAP gear in the following places:

MAAP socks and accessories are available through a wider cycling store distribution network Australia wide. Stockist details: