Aussie kit week - Day 7 - Lumiere

We're back in Melbourne for day 7 of Aussie kit week, and Lumiere are the cycling fashionistas in question. Lumiere have built quite a following with their patterns and palette since their inception. Another brand targeting high fashion and high function. Brands like Lumiere are why we have the best kit scene in the world.

What is the design philosophy behind Lumiere?

We aim to create performance orientated garments that still look good. We believe that fit and function reign supreme but design doesn’t need to take a back seat. When we started Lumiere there was an expectation in the cycling community that a brand had either a design focus or a performance focus, we wanted to combine the two. We spent the first twelve months since starting Lumiere designing, testing and refining our own signature fit and cut using the highest quality Italian, French and Swiss fabrics, and only once we knew we had a great product did we begin releasing designs. Our design process is very fluid and begins with brainstorming colour palettes, sketching patterns and logos and playing with pattern scales, each design is then considered and refined collaboratively until we are ready to sample a number of designs. We then choose our favourite designs and release them for purchase.

What do you want people to think when they see the kits?

We want people to think and immediately ask where that person bought their kit. We want people to see it for the first time and instantly fall in love with the designs and recognise the time and effort we have put into refining the cut and fabric selection of each garment.

How do you want people to feel wearing the kits?

We want them to feel free, we design apparel that is made to be worn when you are partaking in an activity that makes you forget about the everyday stresses of normal life. When you are wearing our kit you shouldn’t be dreading the 9 to 5 grind, or worried about whether you have fed the cat, you should be happy, free and riding your bike.

How do you feel when you see people wearing your kit?

We feel pride in what we have created and gratitude towards the people who have supported us. We love getting to know our customers and since starting Lumiere, the brand has enabled us to meet a lot of amazing people and form many new friendships all over the world. We are very humbled by the cycling community's response to our brand and the community’s support which has helped us grow the brand and enabled us to pursue our passion.

What were you doing before/as well as Lumiere?

We are both full time consultants and colleagues and run Lumiere as a passion project away from our day jobs. We feel that this is a great competitive advantage for our brand as we don't need to make short term decisions for financial gain, rather we have the freedom to only release garments and designs that we are 100% proud of. 

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