Aussie kit week - Day 4 - The Pedla

Aussie kit week - Day 4 - The Pedla

I headed back to Melbourne for Day 4 of Aussie kit week, and spoke to Pedla's artist-in-residence Marcin. He has a different and fascinating approach to designing cycling kit and you can see that in their designs. I dig Pedla and I dug it even more after talking to Marcin.

Images - Lana Adams & Max Hardy

What is the design approach behind Pedla?

I’m always looking at images not necessarily connected to cycling - I am always considering whats happening within fashion, design as well as art. A big part of the design approach is creating the right patterns for the season. The other factor is what we’re feeling in terms of colours. Half the battle is selecting the right colours and considering what’s speaking for the season. We feel the collection we’ve just produced is our strongest collection and we’ve tried to push a palette that’s evolving.

What do you want people to think when they see the kits?

I suppose I want people to see a level of consideration to the design approach as well as garment construction. I want it to be recognisable as Pedla. The dots have played a big part in this, kind of like a bit of handwriting laced within the garments - an identifier that links all the garments together. 

How do you want people to feel wearing the kits?

Kit’s very subjective. Ultimately, I want people to feel good about both the design and its function. The kit needs to perform in its environment, whether that’s working under pressure in racing or for use recreationally. It’s got to feel good and you’ve almost got to not notice it. When I hear a positive response [to the kits] it makes me feel like we are achieving what we set out to do. 

How do you feel when you see people wearing your kit?

That’s an interesting question! I still get excited when I see someone I don’t know wearing our kit. I rode up into Woodend recently and I saw someone completely decked out in Pedla on this back road where no-one goes and it was quite a nice feeling! You have the realisation that you’ve gone through the full development and design process and now its out on the road. It’s exciting to have a brand that’s become recognisable. It certainly motivates me to keep the brand design evolving.

What were you doing before/as well as Pedla?

I studied at Victorian College of the Arts (VCA). I’ve got an ongoing art practice and a lot of my work explores themes connected to cycling. Having gone through art school I learnt to push new ideas and new approaches - you’re always questioning things and I feel like this certainly aids Pedla in many ways. 

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